BrightSign General Information via related links

This article is aimed to assist the user on how to. We are compiling all the available link to make it easy for the customer when searching for relevant information about the BrightSign players.



First Steps by steps BrightSign Configuration articles

On these three steps we will assist on getting the BrightSign configured within the BSN.Cloud and Korbyt CMS

Step 1. Whitelist BrightSign




Step 2: BSN.CLOUD,  BrightSign – sign up for the account / BrightSign Configuration

  • Use the following link to sign the board if you haven’t done already.  If you don’t have an account, you will need to create a new one, it is free.


Step 3: KORBYT CMS – Tenant



How can we confirm if a BrightSign is able to connect to Korbyt?

This article will assist the user on identifying if the BrightSign is able to connect to Korbyt CMS.



How to factory reset a BrightSign Player

In this article we will go over two methods on how to factory reset a BrightSign player and how to identify which method to use.



How to downgrade or upgrade BrightSign players firmware

Introduction In this article we will go over how to downgrade or upgrade a BrightSign player firmware. It will also describes the steps on how to tell what version the player is currently on



How to setup LiveTV on a Brightsign Player

The steps on this article will walk the user on how to setup a Layout for liveTV,  then schedule the content on the BrightSign player.



How to setup time zone on a BrightSign player via the BSN.Cloud


The Steps below will walk the user on how to set/change the time zone using the BSN.Cloud and via Korbyt CMS. Login to the BSN.CLOUD, an account is needed (sign up for one, is free). If you don’t have one…


How to setup o BrightSign WiFi module

For WiFi, the BrightSign player must have a WiFi module and antenna installed. If a WiFi module is not installed the WiFi network option will be greyed out during the network setup.


How to statically assign IP addresses for BrightSigns

Within this article you will be provided information on how to change the network settings on a BrightSign from DHCP to a static IP address



Support on SSD and/or SD Card installations on BrightSign

Does the Korbyt platform support SSD and/or SD Card installations on BrightSign?

Yes, Korbyt will install on both BrightSign units with SSD or SD Cards.  We do recommend SSD for best performance.



BrightSign models supported by Korbyt platform?

What BrightSign models are supported with the Korbyt platform?
All models of BrightSign are supported on the Korbyt platform.  NOTE: Content playback performance may differ on each model. Also not all features may be available on all models.




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