How do I clear the cached content from a Chromebox?

Enter the following URL in a Chrome browser: http://player_ipaddress:65001/clear-caching-proxy/ .

The “proxy” entry has nothing to do with a network proxy.
That is the name of the code module we use.

Our cache is acting as a proxy for the Korbyt CMS.

How can I see the provisioning screen data after provisioning?

There are three ways to view the provisioning code for a player after it has been provisioned

  • At the device locally
    • Connect a USB keyboard to a USB port on the device
    • Press ctrl + alt + p – it’s an overlay on the screen with all of the player identity details.
  • In the CMS
    • Log into your Korbyt Tenant
    • Open the Mega Menu in the upper left corner
    • In the Device Management column, click Players
    • You can see Korbyt Agent version by clicking on the pencil for a specific player to open it
    • Scroll down and you will find the provisioning code in the details section to the left
  • Through the Device Management Page (if supported by the device)
    • Ensure your computer is on the same network as the player
    • Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the player
    • Enter the Username and Password to open the device configuration page
    • Click on the Server Tab and you will see the provisioning code
Is it possible to override default content in Korbyt? If so, how?

Yes, you can replace the default Korbyt logos with media of your own choosing.

This article details how to set a default playlist that all players will use IF they have no other content assigned to play.

To set a default Playlist

  • Create a new playlist with the name “Korbyt Default Content” and with the tag “korbytdefaultcontent“.
  • Add Items as you normally would
  • Once you have added your content click the Save button in the upper right
    • DO NOT assign this playlist to any players directly
    • The system will send this to every player on their next check in and it will play “by default” when no other content is present or assigned to the player

If you need further assistance with how to create a playlist see these other articles



Where can I find my Korbyt Tenant ID?
  • Click the Gear icon in the upper right to open the Settings
  • Then on the General tab scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.
  • You will find your Tenant ID | Tenant Code | Service Type at the bottom left of the page
How do I access the logs on a Chromebox?

Goto the following URL: http://player_IPAddress:65001/logs

Example: http://x.x.1.86:65001/logs

========== ChromeOS Main ==========
16:32:30 [Info] Version: 1.4.6
16:32:30 [Info] Loaded from storage: {“settings”:{“forceSettings”:false,”player_name”:”RMG-xxx-xxxx41″,”player_uid”:”{xxxxxxxxxx170}”,”provisioning”:{“cms”:”https://company.korbyt.com”,”provisioned”:true,”tenant_token”:”xx-xxx-82″,”tenant_type”:”saas”,”version”:”1.2.5″,”webService”:”https://company.korbyt.com/ws”},”wsUrl”:””}}
16:32:30 [Info] {“forceSettings”:false,”online”:true,”wsUrl”:””,”player_uid”:”{xxxxxxxxxx170}”,”player_name”:”RMG-xxx-xxxxxx41″,”provisioning”:{“cms”:”https://company.korbyt.com”,”provisioned”:true,”tenant_token”:”xx-xxx-82″,”tenant_type”:”saas”,”version”:”1.2.5″,”webService”:”https://company.korbyt.com/ws”}}

What High Definition Streaming is supported?
  • Korbyt only supports single channel Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTPS (DASH), also known as MPEG-DASH and HTTPS Live Streaming (also known as HLS), with the use of the ZeeVee streaming device.  Please contact your RMG Sales representative for more information.
  • Korbyt On-Prem and Hybrid installs may work  with HTTP.  Check with your Korbyt Integrator or Sales Team if you are interested in On-Prem or Hybrid installations with other options.
How do I center elements horizontally or vertically in a layout?

There is a quick and easy way to center elements in a layout. To do so, please follow these steps:

  • Open a Layout or Message using the pencil icon to edit it
  • Switch the control panel to the Advanced view
  • Click the element you would like to align.
  • You will now see Alignment options at the top of the control panel
  • There are icons for Center Horizontally
  • And/or Align Vertically.

For this to work properly you should be at 100% zoom level

How can I verify a Chromebox is active on the network outside of Korbyt?

Enter the following URL into a Chrome browser for an uptime: http://player_ipaddress:65001/healthcheck


Results: {“count”:1,”platform”:{“os”:”cros”,”arch”:”x86-64″,”nacl_arch”:”x86-64″},”version”:”1.3.2″,”uptime”:3.495,”startTime”:”2018-07-13T13:06:04.086Z”}

What are best practices for interactivity on Korbyt?

A Best practice for interactivity is to cache the interactive content for future use.
To do this put all layouts and any content that is called by an interactive button into a playlist and schedule this for far in the future or sometime in the past on each player that will interact with this content.

By having this content in a scheduled playlist the player will download it and have it available locally for quick access rather than downloading the content on the fly as needed.

How do I verify my player has been provisioned?

If the player successfully provisions and has a working network connection it will change from the blue provisioning screen to either playing the content is has been assigned, the Korbyt Default Content (korbyt logos), or your defined default content.

Players also confirm their own provisioning status by using their provisioning token at the end of the URL below.


(Example: https://korbyt.com/ws/v1/check?pt=9WXM0NQLED39)

For KDA devices you may also find the provisioning information and token from the serial number using the following URL:


(Example: https://korbyt.com/ws/v1/check?sn=c09fj57f4c59)


How do I find the Agent and OS version of a Korbyt player?
  • Log into your Korbyt Tenant
  • Open the Mega Menu in the upper left corner
  • In the Device Management column, click Players
  • You can see Korbyt Agent version by clicking on the pencil for a specific player to open it, or switching the view to List View of the all players, and Agent Version is a column of information
What ports are required to be opened on a customer’s network for Korbyt and Korbyt players?
  • Cloud
    • Port 443 Outbound    – is required for the players to connect to Korbyt in the cloud.
    • Port 443 Inbound        – is required for access to the web interface of the players (from your INTERNAL network only, not inbound from the cloud)
  • Hybrid
    • Port 443 Outbound    – is required for the players to connect to Korbyt in the cloud.
    • Port 443 Inbound        – is required for access to the web interface of the players (from your INTERNAL network only, not inbound from the cloud)
    • Port 80 Outbound       – is required for Hybrid installs in addition to those listed above
    • Port 8081 Outbound – (Content Caching Service) is required for Hybridinstalls in addition to those listed above. This port is also used for communication from the players to the On Prem server.
    • Port 8085 Outbound – (Web Services) is required for Hybrid in addition to those listed above This port is also used for communication from the players to the On Prem server.
  • On Premise
    • Standard
      • Port 80 Inbound – Access to player content and CMS interface
      • Port 8085 Inbound – Web Services
    • HTTPS (using a well qualified certificate)
      • Port 443 Inbound        – is required for access to the web interface of the players (from customer’s INTERNAL network only, not inbound from the cloud)
        • All traffic from Port 80 & Port 8085 are redirected to Port 443

The ports above are specif for Korbyt Connections.
If you are using Brightsign Devices you may have to configure additional permissions in your network to allow Brightsign functionality.
This Brightsign support article provides details on their requirements – BrightSign Network – ports and URLs for the BrightSign players

Can the players be managed remotely?


Korbyt CMS users who are Administrator and Tenant Administrator level users have remote control over Korbyt players and can monitor player hardware health and perform device upgrades and reboots.

The degree of control that the Korbyt CMS has over the player can be limited based on the type of player.

For more details see the Viewing and Editing Player Detail article

Can the players and Korbyt platform be set for automatic updates?

CMS Platform Updates

  • Korbyt continuously seeks to improve the platform.  To that end SAAS tenants will receive periodic automatic updates to their CMS experience
  • Hybrid tenants must request an update from inside their CMS whenever they would like to install the updates as long as they are on version 2.0 or higher.  This is available by clicking the white upward pointing arrow in the upper right corner when logged into your tenant.
  • On-Prem tenants must update through a manual upgrade process.  Please reach out to your Client Relationship Manager to discuss these upgrades.

Media Player Updates

  • Most players have to be manually updated through the CMS by selecting the update option from the player actions area in the player properties or a player group’s properties.
When should I use a Static Playlist vs a Dynamic Playlist?

For most use cases, Static Playlists should be used for Evergreen content. (Content that has information that never expires, such as Company History videos or Safety Messages)
Dynamic Playlists are best for rapidly deploying new content or time-limited content.
Clever Playlists combine the ability of both Static and Dynamic playlists.

Can I delete multiple items from the Media Manager at once?

Yes, deleting multiple items from the Media Manager is possible if they are all in the same folder

It does require Administrator or Tenant Administrator privileges in the tenant.

To delete multiple items in the Media Manager

  • In the Media Manager open the folder that has the items
  • Start by clicking  on the first item you want to delete to the left of the thumbnail/icon
    • It will highlight blue and place a checkmark next to the item
  • On your keyboard hold either the Shift or CTRL key while you click the other items
    • The Shift key will select all the items between the two
    • The CTRL key will only select/deselect the item you click on
  • With your multiple items selected use the dropdown in the upper left to select the Delete action
  • Then click the blue Apply button to delete your selections
  • You will see the same warning/confirmation screen that is present when deleting 1 item
What model phones are support on Korbyt Anywhere Mobile App?

The Korbyt Anywhere platform is compatible with a variety of mobile devices, and operating systems.

Supported Mobile Devices

The Korbyt Anywhere application version 3.0 is supported on the following mobile devices and operating systems:

Manufacturer   Device  Operating System Version
Apple   iPhone 11 series or newer  iOS version 15.0+
Samsung  Galaxy S20 series
or newer Galaxy S
 Android 12+ with Android 13+ preferred
Google  Pixel 6 series or newer  Android 12+ with Android 13+ preferred

Other devices may install the application but may not deliver a consistent experience.

If you experience issues with the Korbyt Anywhere platform when attempting to use it on an unsupported mobile device or operating system, our support team will make every effort to provide assistance. However, with the wide variety of devices available, not every case can always be supported.

Do Korbyt Media Players (KDA) support Control of a Screen


Yes, Korbyt Digital Appliance (KDA) Media Player Devices do support sending screen control commands to the actual screen or TV

This can be limited by screen manufacturer and compatibility and specific KDA Model

In a Player’s Settings in the Korbyt Content Management System (CMS) there is a section for Screen Control.
Here you can turn on-screen control and configure it for your screen and the command you want to send

For more details on how to edit the settings of  a Media Player in Korbyt see Viewing and Editing Player Details

If the screen you are hoping to control is not a listed make/model you can configure additional ones in your Tenant Settings > Screen Control

To configure additional displays you will have to know the HEX / RS232 / IR codes for the model you are trying to control


Does Korbyt allow / support Custom Fonts

Yes, Korbyt does support the addition of customer fonts that are not already included on your tenant.

To add a custom font to your tenant you will want to contact the Korbyt Support team via email at Support@Korbyt.com
Please set the subject line to Font Addition and include the following in the email

  • Your Contact information
  • Company Name
  • Korbyt Tenant ID (found at the bottom of the settings page)
  • and Attach the font data files in TTF or OTF


Why does the Century Gothic font not display properly on my player?
Century Gothic is a font available in Korbyt that is commonly found installed on desktop systems, as it’s part of the Microsoft Office installation.
However, most players won’t have this font installed, so they’ll automatically use a different, similar font in its place.  This is the expected behavior.
How to Enable User Group Permission in Player Groups?

Player Group Permissions is a way to control with users are able to view and edit specific players.
Initially enforcement of Player Group permissions are turned off by default.  As shown in the screenshot below if  select the hamburger menu

To enable Player Group permissions

  • If you have not already done so, the first step will be enabling permissions on player groups. This will add the Permissions section to the Player Group menu.
    • First, open the Tenant Settings, buy clicking on the Gear Icon in the upper Right

    • Select Signage
    • Click to Enable Permissions on Player Groups


    Player Group Management

    Player Groups collect players together so that content can be easily programmed to multiple players at once, and also allow for to control of access to the player to select groups of users

    If you do not have any Player Groups, the first step will be creating one.

    If you already have a Player Group you wish to secure, you can click the pencil next to it in the Player Group list and skip to Editing Player Group Permissions section of this article.

    Creating a Player Group

    • Click on the Hamburger Icon to open the Mega Menu, and Select Player Groups in the Device Management Section

    • Click the Blue Add Player Group Button

    • Fill in your Player Group Name, Description, and any Tags
    • Either Add Static Players or Add Dynamic Rule
      • Adding Static Players will allow you to select specific players to make part of the group
      • Adding Dynamic Rule will let the system automatically adjust player group membership based on the player’s characteristics such as Country, State, City, Zip Code
        • If set by Dynamic rule, Players will become part of the group on their next check-in after the group is saved

    Editing Player Group Permissions

    • To limit access to the player group first expand the Permissions section to the right of the Player Group

    • Once expanded Disable Global Access and then select the Groups that you wish to have access

    • Tenant Administrator Digital Signage will always remain checked (Tenant Admins can not be locked out of any section)
    • You can select multiple additional Groups to have access to the players, you may have to page through to find all the groups you are looking for
    • Click Save once you have made all your changes
    • Now the only users who will be able to see the players in this group are Tenant Administrators for Digital Signage and Members of the other User Groups you have selected


Can you schedule media that is used in Dynamic Playlists?

You can put validity date/times on individual pieces of content in the media library and on individual Layouts to control the start and stop being seen.

In a Dynamic playlist, individual content is not scheduled for specific times, but the entire playlist can be assigned a schedule

A Clever Playlist would allow more control over view times and dates for specific content within the Playlist

Which devices support the Korbyt AnywhereApp?
  1. The Korbyt Anywhere platform is compatible with a variety of browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems. To experience the best performance, you should refrain from using the Korbyt Anywhere platform on browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems that aren’t listed below.
    If you experience issues with the Korbyt Anywhere platform when attempting to use it on an unsupported browser, mobile device, or operating system, our support team will make every effort to provide assistance. However, the only resolution may be to upgrade your Korbyt Anywhere platform to a newer version.

    Supported Browsers

    The content management system and web interface is supported on the following browsers:

     Browser   System  Browser Version
     Chrome  macOS/Windows  Latest release
     MS Edge macOS/Windows  Latest release

    Supported Mobile Devices

    Korbyt Anywhere version 3.0 is supported on the following mobile devices and operating systems:

    Manufacturer   Device  Operating System Version
    Apple iPhone 8 or newer  iOS version 11.0 or later
    Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ or newer Android Pie version 9.0+ or later
    Google Pixel 3/3XL or newer Android Pie version 9.0+ or later


Can I set the duration for individual piece of content in dynamic playlists?

The duration for content in dynamic playlists is set with the default duration in the playlist metadata.
Dynamic playlists prioritize fresh content over customization of playback for each item in the playlist.
Videos will play for their full duration if the Override to play full video box is checked

Within a Clever Playlist both dynamic and static content can have different durations set.


What is the playback order for content in Dynamic Playlists?

The playback order of Dynamic Playlists is random. Dynamic Playlists are designed to prioritize fresh content over playback order.

If you wish to have more control of the playback order in a playlist, use a Static playlist or a Clever Playlist

How is the time set when I use the Time Element in Builder?

By default, the time is determined by your media player.
This means you can place the Time Element in one Layout, and publish that Layout to players in multiple time zones and they will all display the local time.
Alternatively, you can set a specific time zone by editing it on the element itself.

Can I edit the specific permissions within a role?

There are several different user roles available within the Korbyt CMS that allow different levels of control.
There is not a way to edit specific permissions within a role.
Permissions in Korbyt and Korbyt, in general, were designed to retain simplicity and be flexible, so a user role always has the set abilities.

There is a way to restrict access to specific folders and players through the use of User Groups and User Permissions so that users will only be able to see and interact with specific content.

For more information please see

Can I see a player’s schedule in a calendar view?

Yes, you can see the schedule in a calendar view by doing the following:

  • Open the Mega Menu then in the Device Management column click Players
  • On the Player screen, click on the Calendar icon for the player you wish to see the schedule of
  • This will give you a calendar view showing the current and future playback schedule:
  • You can also switch the view to by week


How do I set the time on a KDA?

The time used by a KDA is based on the address configured for the KDA. To configure it, please do the following:

  1. From the Mega Menu select Players

  2. Find the desired player and click the pencil icon to Edit.
  3. Click the Location header on the right-hand side.
  4. Enter the street, City, State, Zip code, and Country the player is located in.
  5. Click Get Location. You’ll see the latitude and longitude populate in the fields above the button.
  6. Scroll to the top of the page and click Save.
Are languages other than English supported?

The Korbyt Platform supports multiple languages in Layouts for presenting information to the audience.
However, the user interface is currently only available in English at this time.

What is the Dashboard?
  • The Dashboard is the first screen you will see when  you log in to your Korbyt CMS
  • It provides Korbyt administrators with a view of Korbyt system health and activity including player connectivity, playlist and campaign activity, bandwidth and storage usage, and more.
How can I verify the content I am importing is supported?

There is a Knowledge Base article that details our supported media formats.

From within your CMS you can quickly open the article by hovering your mouse over the Import Media button and then clicking on the text “View Knowledge Base artilce on supported media types”

If you are here in the Knowledge Base already, you can click this link or search for Supported Media Specifications

Can I view imported content without searching individual folders?

Yes, it is possible to view all items in a category (Folder, Images, Videos, Audie, Documents, or URLs) without navigating the folders structure in the Media Manager

  • In the Media Manager
  • First, turn off the folder view if it is active
    • Either click on the folder view icon in the upper right
    • or Click on the left arrow at the top of the folder list
  • Then select the category of items you want to browse through
How do I add content into the Korbyt interface?

The Media Manager is where items are uploaded to Korbyt

  • Open the Mega Menu and in the Content column click on Media Manager
  • In the Media Manager click on the  Import Media button.
  • Click and drag or browse to the content location
  • Click done
Are there role-based access and permission-controlled features in Korbyt?

Yes, Korbyt provides multiple roles tied to feature permissions.
When configuring a new user or editing an existing you will see the various roles available.
Each product that is part of your service will have a separate tab for a user’s permissions.
A user can have different roles in the different services.

A User’s Role will decide what functions they do and don’t have within the Content Management Systems.

User Groups can also be used to limit which content a CMS User has access to

For example, Frank is a Content Approver for Digital Signage, which would allow Frank to edit a Playlist.  Frank is also a member of the NYC Users Group, and through User Groups and Playlist Folder Permissions Frank can only see the NYC Playlists he is meant to edit.  Frank does not see the Playlists that are part of the LA Group

More information on how to set up Users, and User Groups is available in the Knowledge Base article – How to Manage CMS Users

Is Proof-of-Play supported?

Yes, Korbyt provides admin users with proof of play reports for digital signage players and with message receipt reports for Korbyt Anywhere users.
Proof of Play is a subscription feature that would have to be active on your service for these instructions to work

  • Proof of Play can be added to any Layout or Message by accessing the Metadata for that Layout or message and then checking the “Proof of Play” Checkbox.

  • Layouts without a timeout will not produce Proof of Play data in the report as POP data is collected when a content item completes playback.
  • Layouts scheduled inside of a carousel element will not produce Proof of Play data as Carousels are a list of URI’s, none of the metadata needed for Proof of Play is available as content plays from the carousel.
  • Best Practice is to use Boards instead of Carousels when wanting proof of play data but to still retain functionality similar to a carousel.

You can find Proof of Play under Reports then Proof of Play. There are several filters to find the exact proof of play item you want.

  • Click the Mega Menu, under the Analytics heading then click Reports

How many screens can be powered from a single player?
  • Korbyt offers several types of multi-output media players.
    • The 1040 will output to 4 separate displays with individual or synchronized content.
    • The 1065 will output up to 6.
  • Windows Based media players may have multiple video outputs based on their video card
  • Some Brightsign media players may have multiple video outputs
  • If multiple displays are all going to have the same content, a single media player may be output to an HDMI splitter to deliver the content to a combination of multiple displays.
Is Weather content available?

Yes, Korbyt allows the use of weather data from multiple sources or use cases

The Builder Tool elements for RSS Feeds, External URL, and HTML Container could be used in different ways to pull in weather data from different sources you may wish to use. These tools do require you to source the weather information outside of Korbyt

The Korbyt Managed OnTarget content services provide a way to show weather data such as current conditions, multi-day forecasts, and weather maps in graphic or ticker formats. If you are interested in subscribing to the OnTarget service please contact your sales representative.

Are social media feeds supported?

For Social Media services that support RCC feeds you can use the RSS Feed item from the builder. Just find the Social Media feed you want to monitor and add its URL to the RSS Feed item.

The Korbyt OnTarget content service can also be configured to support social media feeds. If you are interested in subscribing to OnTarget for social media, please contact your account representative.

What interactivity and scripting does Korbyt support?

Korbyt supports several powerful scripting languages from HTML, CSS, and Javascript. In addition Korbyt also offers several powerful frameworks and libraries to unleash the full potential of your creativity!

Available Frameworks:

What video formats are supported?

Korbyt players support the playback and display of .mp4 and h.264 encoded video content.

  • The following video formats can be imported into Korbyt:
    • .webm
    • .mp4
    • .avi
    • .mov
    • .mpeg

The Korbyt CMS sets a maximum bitrate on the tenant to ensure playback quality and the health of the player.
The standard bitrate limit is 5mbps, though your tenant may have an increased bitrate.

Is audio/video transcoding supported?

If a video file has a bitrate that is too high, when uploaded you will see an error message letting you know the video’s bitrate and the current bitrate limit for your Korbyt CMS (the standard birate is 5mbps).

Most video processing software allows the ability to set a target bitrate.

If you require one, a simple video transcoding tool is available.
Please contact Support@Korbyt.com to request a link to download the CurtConvert tool.

What are Players?
  • Players or Media Players represent end-node devices running Korbyt player software to display Signage Content
  • The Players section of the CMS allows users to provision new players, view the status and details of existing players, and to control and update players.
  • By pre-loading content before playback, Korbyt media players continue displaying content even when they lose their Internet connection.

For more information on players see the full Players article

What are Data Adapters?

A Data Adapter is Korbyt’s point of Integration to access a data source(s).

Data Adapters and Data Integrations are subscription features that may or may not be included in your Korbyt Services. If you are unsure if you have a Subscription to Data Adapters you should contact your Korbyt Account Executive

Data Adapters can be found in the Mega Menu in the Advanced section(far right) in Data Integration.
There you can create new adapters and manage existing ones.

For more information on Data Integration and Data Adapters see the Working with Adapters article


What are tags and what are they used for?
  • A tag is a piece of metadata assigned to content.
  • You can think of tags as keywords or labels that an author attaches to some content to make it easier to find, use, or understand.
  • Tagging allows authors to attach keywords to content.
  • Tagging can also be used to power automation in playlists
    • Setting a playlist to find and show all content with a specific tag rather than scheduling that content manually

For more information see the full article Tagging in Korbyt

How can I assign a playlist to a Player or Groups?

Players are assigned content through Playlists

  • Open the Mega Menu and in the Schedule section click on Playlists
  • Either click the pencil to edit an existing playlist, or create a new playlist
  • In the lower left you will see available players and any assigned players
  • You can click and drag players up to the Assign to area, or click to the left to select


What is the Builder Tool?
  • The Builder provides content authors and Korbyt users of all skill sets the ability to quickly build dynamic visual interfaces. Authors drag and drop content elements into fixed or re-sizable layout zones.
  • Examples of some elements that can be added and edited in the builder include:
    • Scrolling Ticker – Allows content authors to add a scrolling ticker to a Layout. Users enter text, apply styles, and adjust the scrolling direction and speed.
    • Interactive mode – events, buttons, touch. Korbyt supports the use of interactive HTML, CSS, and JavaScript elements and buttons and enables content authors to create powerful interactive experiences for digital signage, kiosks, and mobile device applications.
    • Image Carousel – Provides content authors the ability to add multiple content items from the media library to an image carousel. The authors set the item transition type, duration, and order of appearance.
    • Data Tables – Content Authors use the Data Tables element to add both static and dynamic tables to Korbyt layouts. Data Tables may contain data aggregated from external data sources and allow Korbyt users to create powerful visual dashboards that increase engagement and improve performance.
    • Details of all the available elements can be found in the Layout and Message Builder Elements article
  • The Builder Tool is opened anytime a new Layout or Message is created, or when you click the pencil icon of an existing Layout or Message to edit it
What browsers are supported by Korbyt?

Korbyt has been exclusively built and tested to work on the Chrome browser.
With MS Edge using the Chromium language that browser is also supported.

Other browsers may allow you to log into your Korbyt CMS, but you will encounter errors with some functionality.

The Korbyt CMS is also intended to be used with the Desktop/Laptop version of Chrome or Edge. If you are on a mobile device like a phone or tablet you will similarly be able to log into your CMS but not all functionality will work

What are Playlists?
  • Playlists organize content into ordered or rules-driven groups for assignment to player or player group.
  • They can be simple selections of items, or involve complex automation for the selection and control of what, when, and where content is seen
  • Default content duration and number of items per loop can be set on playlist creation or edited after creation in the Playlist Metadata.
What does the Preview function do?
  • The preview function ( eyeball icon) allows CMS users to preview designs and layouts in multiple screen resolutions before publishing
  • Previews are available at the Layout, Message, Playlists, and Player level
    • Previews follow the rules of the item fully. for example, if an item has validity dates that stop it from showing currently, it will not show in the preview
What is the Media Manager?
  • Media Manager is a searchable storage library for customer-uploaded content including videos, images,  URLs, and audio files.
  • It can be found by opening the Mega Menu in the upper left, then in the Content column, clicking on Media Manager
  • Media items can be organized into folders and filtered by type.
  • Media items can make use of the custom tagging function.

For more information see the Using the Media Manager article

What are boards used for?
  • Boards are a legacy alternative to layouts that allow the visual display to be split into zones.
  • Layouts offer more power and versatility currently, so Boards are no longer offered to new customers.
How do I upgrade a player’s software?

The Korbyt player Software Version, also called Agent Version, will determine how your player operates.

Having your player on the latest version of Korbyt available for your hardware ensures that it has access to all the most recent features and updates.

It is recommended that you do test new software on a limited number of your devices before installing on all players to ensure that your specific configuration is not subject to some incompatibility in the new software

Viewing Current Software Version

The Software Version that a player is running can be seen by

  • Opening the Mega Menu in the top left corner, in the Device Management Column, clicking on Players
    • Select List View in the upper right if it is not already
  • You will then be able to see the Player Software Version listed for each player 
  • You can also see the current Software Version  a player is on by clicking on the Pencil Icon  for that specific player and then scrolling down to Agent Version on the

Upgrading Player Software

  • On the Player Screen, click the pencil icon for a specific player
    • Requires Tenant Administrator or Administrator user role in Korbyt
  • In the Actions section in the upper right click on Player Upgrade
  • The Actions section will now show available versions of Korbyt Software for your player

    • Click on the version you want to install
  • You then have the choice to have the upgrade take place Now (on the next heartbeat) or at a scheduled date in the future
  • You will see the Player Software upgrade action added to the pending action section, with the date and time based on your selection
  • If you scheduled it for Now, you can refresh your web browser after a few minutes to see that the action was completed
    • The Pending Action will be cleared
    • The player Agent Version will have changed
    • The player captures a new screenshot

Your player is now operation on the most recent version of the Korbty Software

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How often do players get new content?
  • Without some form of user interaction, the players check for new content on their already assigned playlists every 15 minutes.
  • When a Playlist is saved, it will also trigger a check-in on the players associated with it
  • Players can be forced to check in manually as an individual or as a group
    • In the CMS, open the Mega Menu and select either Players or Player Groups
    • Click on the pencil on either the Player or Player group you wish to force to check-in
    • Once open click the Check-in Action command to have the players check in on the next heartbeat