How do I wipe and enroll a Chromebox into a managed account?

To wipe a Chromebox and enroll into a managed account for use with Korbyt, please complete the following instructions. Wipe the Player Turn off the Chromebox. Put a paperclip (or pushpin) into the recovery button hole. Press down the recovery button with a paperclip while turning on the device. Press Ctrl + D. Press the […]

Are webcams, beacons, RFID readers supported?

Yes. Korbyt players provide support for data input and interactive applications through player-connected peripherals such as web-cams, beacons, RFID readers, and more through custom JavaScript Scriptlets on a per application basis.

What is the communication between player and server?

Communication between player and server is over HTTPS restful web services. There are four communications: Heartbeat – 1 mins* Check-in – 15 mins* Screenshot – Automatically once 30 seconds after startup then triggered by Action on Player details page in UI Sendlogs – Triggered by Action on Player details page in UI * These are […]

How do players connect to Korbyt in the cloud?

The KDA needs to be assigned a DNS server from DHCP or manually. The KDA needs to be able to reach a DNS server(step 1) that can resolve our external domain name (*.korbyt.com) Port 443 Outbound – is required for the players to connect to Korbyt in the cloud. Port 443 inbound – is required for […]