Documents focused on Player Hardware used with Korbyt

BSN Cloud – Brightsign Configuration Instructions

BrightSign devices have their own cloud control system, BSN Cloud, which is used to manage the hardware level settings, including installing the Korbyt partner application that will run on the BrightSign and allow it to connect to Korbyt. You will need to connect your player to a BSN Cloud account before it can be connected […]

Whitelist and Port Access Requirements for Korbyt

To have Korbyt Media Players provision successfully and reach Korbyt in the cloud, the following requirements must be followed: The Media Player needs to be assigned a DNS server from DHCP or manually. The Media Player needs to be able to reach a DNS server(step 1) that can resolve our external domain name (*.korbyt.com) Whitelist […]

How To Configure The Korbyt PWA Player On A Chrome Device

The steps below outline how to provision a Chrome Device as a Korbyt PWA Player The Chrome device must be on ChromeOS version 85 or later to work as a Korbyt PWA. To update the ChromeOS in your Google Admin Console, go to Device update settings. Click Auto-upated settings. Select Allow updates. From Target version, […]

Player Runtime (PRT)

Korbyt players use Chromium to display content. Runtime is used to help Chromium execute tasks and events that are responsible for handling how content is displayed and scheduled to be displayed on players.¬† Newer versions of Runtime allow newer features of Korbyt to Function Properly and keep all functions running smoothly. If your players are […]

Korbyt Anywhere for Cisco Instructions

* Disclaimer: While Webex devices are rebranded to Cisco, please be aware that the instructions provided herein reflect the current setup requirements. Korbyt Anywhere for Cisco enables Korbyt users to schedule and display content on any Cisco device. Use a Cisco device as any other digital signage endpoint to maximize your screen real estate. Important! […]

Korbyt Optics Service for Digital Signage

Optics is a subscription-based Korbyt feature for Digital Signage that uses a USB camera attached to the media player controlling a screen so that the Korbyt System can track information about who is present in front of the screen. Tracking information such as: The number of people present in front of the screen The time […]

BrightSign Series 5 – Announcing Korbyt Support

Introducing Korbyt on BrightSign 5 Series Hardware! We are delighted to announce that the highly anticipated Korbyt platform is now available¬† on BrightSign 5 Series hardware. This exciting integration combines the power of BrightSign’s hardware with the cutting-edge features of Korbyt to provide you with an exceptional digital signage experience. Note: For XC5 models, this […]

Korbyt and System On Chip (SOC) Display Hardware

Korbyt is compatible with different display manufacture’s System On Chip (SOC) hardware by installing specific Korbyt Player Software to run on the display’s built in hardware/operating system. Due to the limited nature of the TV hardware and SOCs, content that is played on this type of hardware is best when limited to full screen images […]

Media Player Alerts and Notifications

Korbyt supports alerting Content Management System (CMS) Users if a media player changes status becoming Inactive or Active. This will require a Player Group to be created, as Notification is a setting available in a Player Group. See Creating Player Groups for the steps to create a player group Once the Player Group is Created, […]

Networking Best Practices for Digital Signage

When it comes to setting up a network for digital signage, there are a few key factors to consider. It’s important to consult with a network professional or IT specialist when designing and implementing your digital signage network to ensure it meets your specific requirements and to address any unique considerations based on your environment. […]