Documents focused on Player Hardware used with Korbyt

Hot Keys for KDA’s

Below are hot keys used for configuration and troubleshooting your Korbyt media players. In order for these to work, a keyboard must be connected to the physical device.   These hot keys are supported for Korbyt Digital Appliances and Korbyt Windows Players only. Hot Keys Clear Content Cache: Ctrl + Alt + C Open Debug […]

Best Practices and Configuration for a KDA Player

Before configuring and setting up your multi-output devices within Korbyt, we recommend first planning out how the outputs map to the displays. This is important because if you don’t have it right the first time, you will need to de-provision the player and start from the beginning.   Pre-Provisioning Steps Before provisioning… Connect the HDMI […]

Korbyt Media Player API

Player API The player provides the following API methods to allow a layout to interact with the player on which it is being displayed. All methods should be called on the playerApi object. .previous() – Navigate to the previous item in the current playlist. .next() – Navigate to the next item in the current playlist. […]

BSN Brightsign Configuration Instructions

  IMPORTANT NOTE: The current recommended Brightsign firmware versions compatible with Korbyt software  is Brightsign 8.4.14 This is the version of Brightsign that should be used with the current Korbyt 3.0 software or higher. If you are using older versions of the Korbyt (Software 2.0 ONLY) Brightsign players must be on Brightsign version 8.0.119 or […]

What Is A KWP And How Can You Install The Software on a PC.

A KWP is a Korbyt Windows Player. The Korbyt Player software can be installed on a Windows 10 PC that includes the latest windows updates. NOTE: Minimum System Requirements: Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 IOT OS 4 GB of RAM 128 GB SSD Graphics card need depends on content to be displayed Contact Korbyt teach […]

Korbyt Architecture Diagrams

A high level overview of the Korbyt Cloud architecture is available below: A high level overview of the Korbyt On-Premises architecture is available below:   A high level overview of the Korbyt Hybrid architecture is available below:

Supported Hardware

The Korbyt Platform is designed to be compatible with a range of media player hardware. Korbyt Digital Adapters (KDA) Android powered devices built specifically for Korbyt Examples, Virgo and Aries players Korbyt Windows Players (KWP) Windows powered devices running Korbyt Player Software Brightsign Media Players Media Players from Brightsign configured to support connection to Korbyt […]

How do I wipe and enroll a Chromebox into a managed account?

This article is provided for legacy support as Chromebox is no longer a supported hardware device To wipe a Chromebox and enroll into a managed account for use with Korbyt, please complete the following instructions. Wipe the Player Turn off the Chromebox. Put a paperclip (or pushpin) into the recovery button hole. Press down the […]

Are webcams, beacons, RFID readers supported?

Yes. Korbyt players provide support for data input and interactive applications through player-connected peripherals such as web-cams, beacons, RFID readers, and more through custom JavaScript Scriptlets on a per application basis.

Communication of player and server?

Communication between player and server is over HTTPS restful web services. There are four communications: Heartbeat – 1 mins* Check-in – 15 mins* Screenshot – Automatically once 30 seconds after startup then triggered by Action on Player details page in UI Sendlogs – Triggered by Action on Player details page in UI * These are […]