Documents focused on Player Hardware used with Korbyt

Korbyt Video Options

The Korbyt platform supports a wide variety of options for showing video content, some options require specific media player or third party encoder hardware. Local Video Files, Web Based, and Streaming Content: Our Layout Builder tool allows users to pull in video content from a wide variety of online sources including with a variety of […]

Creating Player Groups

Player groups allow you apply the same settings to multiple players simultaneously. You can add static players or dynamic rules to your player groups. Static players can be manually grouped together. Dynamic rules can be used to define which players should be automatically grouped together. To create a player group: Click the hamburger icon and navigate […]

Viewing and Editing Player Details

The Players screen will show will show various information about the player such as the model, provisioning code, IP address, last check-in, last heartbeat, agent version, and the recent player events. By clicking the pencil to Edit the player you can view the Player Details screen is used for viewing and editing detailed player information. […]

Provisioning Players in Bulk

Bulk Provision allows you to upload a CSV file that contains information for multiple players so that you can provision them simultaneously. This can be used to add new players to the tenant, or edit the information about players that already exist on the tenant. If you already have players provissioned to your Account the […]

Provisioning a Player

Provisioning players is a simple process where you attach your player to your Korbyt environment. Once the device has power and is connected to a stable internet connection, connect it to the appropriate display device. Some models provide Wi-Fi capability and others require an ethernet connection.  The media player also has to be allowed to […]

Deprovisioning Players

Deprovisioning a Player removes it from your Korbyt Anywhere service.  It is best to have the player powered on and connected to the internet through the Deprovisioning process. To deprovision a player: Click the hamburger icon and navigate to Device Management > Players. Click the Trash icon for the corresponding player. If the player is connected […]

How Enable and Configure NTP for KDA Players

How to Configure NTP on KDA Players By: Skyler Thomas Once we are logged into the Player Configuration Page, we can navigate to the “Advanced” tab where we can select the “Services” sub-tab. Once we are in the Services tab, we can check the “Enable Time Synchronization Service” to enable SNTP. Furthermore, we can specify […]

BrightSign General Information via related links

This article is aimed to assist the user on how to. We are compiling all the available link to make it easy for the customer when searching for relevant information about the BrightSign players.   ******************** First Steps by steps BrightSign Configuration articles On these three steps we will assist on getting the BrightSign configured […]

Hot Keys for KDA’s

Below are hot keys used for configuration and troubleshooting your Korbyt media players. In order for these to work, a keyboard must be connected to the physical device.   These hot keys are supported for Korbyt Digital Appliances and Korbyt Windows Players only. Hot Keys Clear Content Cache: Ctrl + Alt + C Open Debug […]

Best Practices and Configuration for a KDA Player

Before configuring and setting up your multi-output devices within Korbyt, we recommend first planning out how the outputs map to the displays. This is important because if you don’t have it right the first time, you will need to de-provision the player and start from the beginning.   Pre-Provisioning Steps Before provisioning… Connect the HDMI […]