Documents focused on Player Hardware used with Korbyt

Sony SOC, How to Install Korbyt

System Requirements: Sony SOC Model must be a Pro Bravia Android OS 9 and newer Installation Instructions Place Sony SOC into Pro Settings mode In Normal mode, switch to Pro settings mode by clicking on [HOME] on the remote control and selecting Apps – Pro mode tool – Pro settings mode – OK. A blue line appears at the top of […]

KDA Virgo and Aries Player Configuration Page

Korbyt Digital Adapters (KDA) have a Player Configuration Page that is accessible by entering the IP address of the Player into a web browser window. The Player Configuration Page is used to carry out tasks like Changing Network Settings WiFi (Wired is Recommended), Network Proxies, Firewalls Changing the Time Servers Settings NTP Server setting Configuring […]

Korbyt Video Wall Configuration Example Diagrams

This document is intended to show a variety of video wall implementation architectures as examples of what is possible. These examples are dependent on third party hardware and may not be supported as a result. Content Configuration Korbyt Layouts allow custom resolutions to fit any screen size or aspect ratio Korbyt Layouts allow multiple different […]

Korbyt Zoom Room Experience

Korbyt enables the re-use of existing Zoom Room hardware as a digital signage endpoint. The diagram below shows the experience flow, once the Digital Signage Experience is configured. Follow this link to view the PDF in it’s own tab – Korbyt Zoom Room Configuration  To enable the Korbyt Anywhere App for Zoom Rooms, please see […]

Remote Control of Korbyt Players and Content from External Devices

It is possible to control the content that a Korbyt Media Player is displaying with an external device such as remotes, keyboards, digital user interfaces, and external sensors. The flow changes depending on the external device connected. The attached data flows describe the components involved at a high level. Player Control and Content Switching Data […]

Korbyt Video Options

The Korbyt platform supports a wide variety of options for showing video content, some options require specific media player or third party encoder hardware. Local Video Files, Web Based, and Streaming Content: Our Layout Builder tool allows users to pull in video content from a wide variety of online sources including with a variety of […]

Creating Player Groups

Player groups allow you apply the same settings to multiple players simultaneously. You can add static players or dynamic rules to your player groups. Static players can be manually grouped together. Dynamic rules can be used to define which players should be automatically grouped together. To create a player group: Click the hamburger icon and navigate […]

Viewing and Editing Player Details

The Players screen will show various information about the player such as the model, provisioning code, IP address, last check-in, last heartbeat, agent version, and recent player events. By clicking the pencil to Edit the player you can view the Player Details screen is used for viewing and editing detailed player information.  This section will […]

Provisioning Players in Bulk

Bulk Provision allows you to upload a CSV file that contains information for multiple players so that you can provision them simultaneously. This can be used to add new players to the tenant or edit the information about players that already exist on the tenant. If you already have players provisioned to your Account the […]

Provisioning a Player

Provisioning players is a simple process where you attach your player to your Korbyt environment. Once the device has power and is connected to a stable internet connection, connect it to the appropriate display device. Some models provide Wi-Fi capability and others require an ethernet connection.  The media player also has to be allowed to […]