Korbyt Signage and Displays

Articles focused on the functions and features of Korbyt Signage, Wallboards, and Display products

Playlist Validity Dates for Media, Layouts, and Messages

The Korbyt system has a function that allows you to set date and time conditions for when an item will be considered valid by a playlist for playback, and shown. If an item is not valid, it will be skipped and not shown. This article reviews General Info on Validity Dates How to Set Validity […]

RAVE Alert Integration

Korbyt can integrate with RAVE Alerts to display your critical alerts and messages throughout your Kortby Solution. Through the use of a custom Data Adapter, your alert information can be presented On your Korbyt powered signage displays and wallboards Through Korbyt Desktop(InView) Software In the user’s Mobile and Web experiences of the Korbyt Anywhere Employee […]

Player Runtime (PRT)

Korbyt players use Chromium to display content. Runtime is used to help Chromium execute tasks and events that are responsible for handling how content is displayed and scheduled to be displayed on players.  Newer versions of Runtime allow newer features of Korbyt to Function Properly and keep all functions running smoothly. If your players are […]

Signage Workflow Examples

Korbyt has many ways to control and automate the flow of content to your screens. This article reviews Korbyt’s scheduling and publishing systems at a high level. Index Standard Content Workflows Standard Full-Screen Media Scheduling: Image/Video scheduling process Standard Layout Full-Screen Scheduling: Layout publishing and scheduling process Standard Launchpad Scheduling: Launchpad use and scheduling process Automated Content […]

Korbyt Anywhere for Cisco Webex Instructions

Korbyt Anywhere for Webex enables Korbyt users to schedule and display content on any Webex Device. Use a Webex Device as any other digital signage endpoint to maximize your screen real estate. Important! By using this feature, Korbyt will programmatically change your devices to enable Digital Signage mode and add the player URL automatically. Prerequisites: […]

Player Push for Content Assignment

It is possible to assign a single piece of content to a player in Korbyt by dragging and dropping the media item from your computer’s file explorer to the player’s card view on the Player Screen. The content pushed in this way will be 1 media item (image or video) You can assign start and […]

How to use the Form Builder Element

The form builder element allows you to build an interactive form that someone could fill out on a Kiosk or other interactive implementation. To Create Forms in the Form Builder Open the Mega Menu  and in the Content column select Layouts Create a new Layout, or Edit an Existing Layout In the Builder Tool, click and drag the Form-Builder Element […]

How to Use the WebEx Element

Requires a Webex account that you will log into through a popup connecting to that account. Creates an element that can be linked to a specific WebEx Meeting so that the meeting can be played through Korbyt To Use the WebEx Element Navitage to Layouts by opening the Mega Menu and in the Content column […]

How to Configure Optics Settings and View Reports

Optics is a subscription-based Korbyt feature for Digital Signage that uses a USB camera attached to the media player controlling a screen so that the Korbyt System can track information about who is present in front of the screen. This article will review Configure Optics to change content based on presence Viewing and retrieving Optics […]

Reports and Analytics for Signage & Desktop(InView)

Korbyt has several reports available within our CMS to track different aspects of your Signage and Desktop(InView) products. This article will review the common report types and what information they share Reports available to you on your individual tenant may vary based on your tenant’s features Some of the reports listed below are tied to […]