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Non-English Character and Language Support in Korbyt

While the Korbyt CSM interface is only available in English the text entry fields in Korbyt will accept non-English characters when entered. The characters can be entered by: Typing, if your computer has the appropriate character set turned on in the Keyboard and Language support settings Copy and Pasted in plain text from a source […]

Playlist Takeover and Interrupt to Override Schedule Content

While Korbyt allows for content programming to be heavily automated there may be times in your signage system that you wish to override that normal content, suppressing it, so that only special messaging plays. Perhaps there is a VIP visitor or a special event at 1 location and you wish to stop the normal business-as-usual […]

Automating Canva Content to Korbyt

Combining Canva’s ability for content creators to share a design as embeddable HTML Code and Korbyt’s ability to display Embedded HTML code, it is possible to have an automated connection between content edited and stored in Cavna but displayed on Korbyt-controlled screens. To accomplish this: In Canva Share your design as HTML Embed Code Build […]

Microsoft Graph API Permissions Required by Korbyt For Azure AD Integration

Microsoft Graph API serves as an interface for developers to interact programmatically with Azure Active Directory (AD), facilitating access to comprehensive user and group-related functionalities and data. Korbyt Required Minimum Permissions These permissions can be configured in the Azure AD application’s registration settings under “API permissions.” It’s important to note that administrative consent may be […]

Managing Urgent Alerts

The Urgent Alert system in Korbyt allows critical messages to be created in advance and then when activated the message can be pushed to Signage, as well as Desktop(InView), and Mobile & Web users. Urgent Alerts can be found by Clicking on the Mega Menu in the upper left corner In the Schedule column, click […]

Properties Menu for Elements in the Builder Tool

The Properties of an element are settings that affect the entire container. The Properties settings can be opened for an element by Finding the top right corner of the element’s container to see the Gear Icon Click on the Gear Icon to open the Settings Menu Click on Properties to open the Properties window The […]

Layouts and Messages – Advanced User Guide

Advanced Layout Settings and Options In this article, we will review advanced controls for Layouts If you are not familar with the basics of Layouts please start with Using The Builder Tool For Layouts Or Messages This Article Reviews Custom JavaScript and CSS Editor Interactivity in a Design through Quick Actions Animation Timeline Magic Animation […]

Using the Builder Tool for Layouts or Messages

The Builder Tool is the GUI-based design system in Korbyt that allows you to create new Signage Layouts or Desktop Messages. Both interfaces are very similar and function the same from a creative tool standpoint, but each has some options that are unique to either Signage Layouts or Desktop Messages This article is going to […]

Whitelist and Port Access Requirements for Korbyt

To have Korbyt Media Players provision successfully and reach Korbyt in the cloud, the following requirements must be followed: The Media Player needs to be assigned a DNS server from DHCP or manually. The Media Player needs to be able to reach a DNS server(step 1) that can resolve our external domain name (*.korbyt.com) Whitelist […]

Korbyt Amazon Web Service (AWS) Connect Data Adapter Overview

The Korbyt Amazon Web Service (AWS) Connect adapter establishes a real-time bridge between Amazon Connect and Korbyt Anywhere.  This integration easily enables contact centers to display real-time key performance indicators using a templated adapter from Korbyt by filling in some information from your AWS Connect queue.   The Basics This Korbyt Templated Adapter utilizes a […]