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Creating Predefined Layouts and new Launchpads

Predefined layouts are essentially templates that your end users can modify to include custom text, image, video, ticker, and QR code. Content admins will define which areas can be edited by non-admins without giving them full control of the design aesthetic or placement. A predefined layout can be used to create a custom launchpads or […]

Creating and Managing Layouts – Classic Experience

Layouts allow you to arrange and modify a variety of elements. Elements come in many different forms, ranging from images and text to tables that contain subscription data. The result is a finished design that can be sent to a screen via a Playlist. This article focused on Creating a New Layout and Managing Existing […]

Configuring Clever Playlists

A Clever Playlist can contain multiple rules and triggers giving you one playlist to manage what will be seen and only where it is relevant across multiple displays. Clever Playlists allow you to automate your signage playlists by adding both statically chosen items and items that are added based on Clever dynamic rules. The rules […]

How to use a Playlist Element

The Playlist Element allows you to have a Playlist present and showing in a section of a Layout. This is most commonly used to have a Layout that includes elements such as date and time, weather, a logo always be present while items in the playlist show in a section Adding a Playlist Element When […]

How to Use a Text Element

The Text-Note Element creates a space to type in text, or to insert a dynamic Date and Time. Adding a Text-Note Element When you add a Text-Note it will open on the canvas with the edit bar open, and a cursor so you can type. This default action (being open and ready to edit) means […]

Layout and Message Builder Elements

In the Layout and Message builder tool, Elements refers to the different items you can add to a canvas to compose your final visual design. To add an element to a canvas you click and drag if from the Add Elements section of the Control Panel to the approximate area you want it on the canvas […]

Viewing and Editing Player Details

The Players screen will show will show various information about the player such as the model, provisioning code, IP address, last check-in, last heartbeat, agent version, and the recent player events. By clicking the pencil to Edit the player you can view the Player Details screen is used for viewing and editing detailed player information. […]

Provisioning Players in Bulk

Bulk provisioning allows you to upload a CSV file that contains information for multiple players so that you can provision them simultaneously. The MAC address of each player is used during bulk provisioning instead of the provisioning token. The media players also have to be allowed to reach Korbyt.com Port 443 so that it can […]

Provisioning a Player

Provisioning players is a simple process where you attach your player to your Korbyt environment. Once the device has power and is connected to a stable internet connection, connect it to the appropriate display device. Some models provide Wi-Fi capability and others require an ethernet connection.  The media player also has to be allowed to […]

Configuring Launchpads

Launchpads allow you to add creative content within a playlist that a player will run for a period of time across various displays. A variety of launchpad templates display on the Content > Launchpads screen that you can customize for your specific needs. To customize a launchpad template: Click the hamburger icon and navigate to […]