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Articles focused on the functions and features of Korbyt Signage, Wallboards, and Display products

Reports and Analytics for Signage & Desktop(InView)

Korbyt has several reports available within our CMS to track different aspects of your Signage and Desktop(InView) products. This article will review the common report types and what information they share Reports available to you on your individual tenant may vary based on your tenant’s features Some of the reports listed below are tied to […]

Korbyt Optics Service for Digital Signage

Optics is a subscription-based Korbyt feature for Digital Signage that uses a USB camera attached to the media player controlling a screen so that the Korbyt System can track information about who is present in front of the screen. Tracking information such as: The number of people present in front of the screen The time […]

BrightSign Series 5 – Announcing Korbyt Support

Introducing Korbyt on BrightSign 5 Series Hardware! We are delighted to announce that the highly anticipated Korbyt platform is now available  on BrightSign 5 Series hardware. This exciting integration combines the power of BrightSign’s hardware with the cutting-edge features of Korbyt to provide you with an exceptional digital signage experience. Note: For XC5 models, this […]

How to use the HTML Container Element

The HTML Element can be used in the builder tool to add HTML code into the design. This element’s function is defined by the code that is provided to it. To use the HTML Contain Element In the Builder Tool click and drag the HTML-Container element to the canvas Use the settings gear in the […]

Korbyt and System On Chip (SOC) Display Hardware

Korbyt is compatible with different display manufacture’s System On Chip (SOC) hardware by installing specific Korbyt Player Software to run on the display’s built in hardware/operating system. Due to the limited nature of the TV hardware and SOCs, content that is played on this type of hardware is best when limited to full screen images […]

Media Player Alerts and Notifications

Korbyt supports alerting Content Management System (CMS) Users if a media player changes status becoming Inactive or Active. This will require a Player Group to be created, as Notification is a setting available in a Player Group. See Creating Player Groups for the steps to create a player group Once the Player Group is Created, […]

Sony SOC, How to Install Korbyt

System Requirements: Sony SOC Model must be a Pro Bravia Android OS 9 and newer Installation Instructions Place Sony SOC into Pro Settings mode In Normal mode, switch to Pro settings mode by clicking on [HOME] on the remote control and selecting Apps – Pro mode tool – Pro settings mode – OK. A blue line appears at the top of […]

How to Set up Tableau Element

This article will walk you through how to add a Tableau Element in the Korbyt Layout and Message building tool. This Element will allow you to display Tableau reports that are already built in Tableau to be seen through the Korbyt System. It requires that your Tableau server has been configured to share information with […]

Content Managers (CMS Users) Roles and Permissions

Each user who logs into the Content Management System (CMS) has a role assigned to them that decides what actions they can perform. The three separate services offered by Korbyt are managed in such a way that CMS Users need to be assigned a role for each system they will be able to interact with. […]

Korbyt Video Wall Configuration Example Diagrams

This document is intended to show a variety of video wall implementation architectures as examples of what is possible. These examples are dependent on third party hardware and may not be supported as a result. Content Configuration Korbyt Layouts allow custom resolutions to fit any screen size or aspect ratio Korbyt Layouts allow multiple different […]