Korbyt Signage and Displays

Articles focused on the functions and features of Korbyt Signage, Wallboards, and Display products

Korbyt Video Wall Configuration Example Diagrams

This document is intended to show a variety of video wall implementation architectures as examples of what is possible. These examples are dependent on third party hardware and may not be supported as a result. Content Configuration Korbyt Layouts allow custom resolutions to fit any screen size or aspect ratio Korbyt Layouts allow multiple different […]

Guide to Korbyt Launchpads and Predefined Layout Templates

The Korbyt Content Management System provides several paths to streamlining content creation and submission with Predefined Layouts Predefined Layout Templates, Once created, be configured to operate in different ways of accepting content and required approvals before being seen. Web Based Submissions from Outside Korbyt CMS Templates can receive input to the templatized sections through webforms […]

Launchpad to control Tickers and Partial Screen Areas

With recent updates to the Korbyt Anywhere Platform, Launchpads can now be created to deliver content to sections of a screen rather than being full screen content on their own. Creating a way for Launchpad only users to be able to program content to a section of the Layout or Message without having access to […]

Predefined Layouts for Web Based Submission

This article is for creating Predefined Layouts that will be available for others to submit content through a Web Based Interface or Webforms Web Based Submissions from Outside Korbyt CMS The Templates can receive input to the templatized sections through webforms The Korbyt CMS users creates a template and shares it with others through a […]

Launchpads for Direct to Player Full Screen Content

This article reviews how to create and manage Predefined Templates that will be available as Launchpads to Korbyt CMS Users The Launchpads reviewed in this article will create Full Screen content that will have it’s own Dedicated Playlist directing it to selected players. These playlists will exist in rotation with other existing playlists If you […]

Korbyt Zoom Room Experience

Korbyt enables the re-use of existing Zoom Room hardware as a digital signage endpoint. The diagram below shows the experience flow, once the Digital Signage Experience is configured. Follow this link to view the PDF in it’s own tab – Korbyt Zoom Room ConfigurationĀ  To enable the Korbyt Anywhere App for Zoom Rooms, please see […]

Remote Control of Korbyt Players and Content from External Devices

It is possible to control the content that a Korbyt Media Player is displaying with an external device such as remotes, keyboards, digital user interfaces, and external sensors. The flow changes depending on the external device connected. The attached data flows describe the components involved at a high level. Player Control and Content Switching Data […]

Creating and Managing Layouts – New Experience

Layouts allow you to arrange and modify a variety of elements. Elements come in many different forms, ranging from images and text to tables that contain subscription data. The result is a finished design that can be sent to a screen via a Playlist. This article focused on Creating a New Layout and Managing Existing […]

How to Use the Meeting Display Element

Adds a meeting display element that creates a meeting room door sign this linked to room schedule data that is provided through a Data Adapter within Korbyt. This Requires that a Data Adapter has been configured and the design subscribes to that data. If you need assistance setting up a Data Subscription on a Layout […]

How to Use the File List Element

Creates a list of files based on the content that has been loaded to a specific folder within the Media Manager. The list shows a Thumbnail and a file name allowing the user to click the file to view it or download it depending on the file type. Adding a File List Element When you […]