Korbyt Digital Signage Media Player Feature Comparison

A player is a digital signage media device. It can display videos, images, audio, and custom content that has been created through the Korbyt platform.

Use Case Examples and Player Options

Choosing the right player is a matter of understanding the purpose and use-case.


Use Case Player Options That Support it
Displaying full screen Images and Videos
  • System on Chip (SOC)
  • Brightsign L/HD series
  • the Korbyt Virgo player
Meeting Room Agenda
Emergency Alerts
Scheduling and Collaboration content
  • Crestron AirMedia and TSS
  • Barco Clickshare
  • Korbyt Virgo player
Displaying Realtime data
Interactive Kiosks
Complex Layouts and Data Integrations
  • Brightsign XT/XD series
  • Korbyt Aries II player
Multi Screen Video Walls
  • Brightsign XD series
  • Korbyt Aries II
  • or the Korbyt Virgo player


Common Player Questions

What is Meeting Room Signage?
Meeting Room Signage is used in conference rooms or shared collaboration spaces. It allows for the reuse of existing hardware, to display digital signage content, when a meeting is not in session. This enables the maximization of existing hardware ROI and helps prevent supply chain challenges.
Meeting Room Signage is intended to provide advanced Scheduling Information, Emergency Alerts, and Company-wide Announcements.

What is Room Scheduling?
Room Scheduling is Space Management software that allows your end-users to see when a room or multiple rooms are available for use. The Korbyt Anywhere Platform allows for almost any type of Scheduling software integration (Outlook, Google Calender, etc) while also allowing a uniform digital content-aesthetic and multi-format functionality.

What Operating Systems do your players support?
We support Android and Windows. For assistance with picking the OS for your scenario, please see the chart below.

Can I build my own player?
Yes, Korbyt provides the option to build your own player via our native Android Application, Windows Player Application, or via Progressive Web Application (PWA). There may be limitations to the performance if the hardware-specifications are not properly matched to the expected functionality. For more information, please contact your Korbyt Account Executive.

Player Comparison Chart

Below is a high level comparison  of devices.

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