How to Manage CMS Users

This article describes the steps to Add, and Manage Individual CMS Users and CMS User Groups (Users who can log into the Content Management System directly).

If you are trying to add Users who only use the Desktop(InView) application, or Users who login to and use the Mobile, & Web Experience please view Managing Users

To access CMS Users Management you need to have Tenant Administrator or Administrator permission in your tenant

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Accessing CMS Users

  • Login to the tenant
  • Hover your mouse over the User Profile Outline (or your Profile Picture) in the Upper Right Corner
  • From the menu that appear, select “Manage Users”.
  • On the Manage Users window there are two buttons “Add User” or “Manage User groups” or you can search for an existing user.

    • Add User = Create a New CMS Users
    • Search = Find and existing CSM users
    • Manage User Groups = A different screen for CMS Users Groups (used to control access)

The Sections below review through the Steps on how to Add Users, Manage an Existing CMS Users, and Manage CMS User Groups

To Add a New Users

  • Click on the “Add User” button to add a new user.
  • The Add New User window will appear.  On this window the user information has to be entered and the permissions for Signage, Mobile & Web and Desktop can be selected.
  • Enter the CMS Users information (First Name, Last Name, and Email are required)
  • Select the Users Role Type. This determines what role and permissions the new user will have within the tenant.
  • The User Role Type controls the user’s access to different functions. The general permission for each level is listed here
    • Tenant Administrator = Full access to System and Settings. Can create new CMS Users of any level and can Manage CMS User Groups
    • Administrator =  High Level Access to System and Settings. Can create new CMS Users that are below Administrator Level. Can’t Manage CMS User Groups
    • Approver = No Access to Change System Settings or Players, but can view them. Can Create and Publish content , Can Edit Playlists
    • Content Author = No Access to Change System Settings, Players, or Playlist but can view them.  Can Create content, but have to submit for approval to make it seen
    • Read Only = Can Only view content in system, no edit rights
    • Launchpad(Signage Only) = Can create and publish, but only through approved launchpad templates. Has no access to other sections of the system
    • Please Note: Mobile & Web and Desktop tabs will only be available if your tenant is subscribed to these two features.
    • For CMS Users who should have access to more than one system you have to select their Role in each system separately.
  • Chose between Sending Activation Link or Create Password for Users
  • Click Save
  • At this point the user is created.

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To Manage an Existing CMS User

  • Find the user in the list of current CMS users (you can use the search to find them)
  • Once found you can view information about the user (Name, Email, Roles, User Groups, Last Login, Last Update)
  • Clicking the Pencil Icon will allow you to Edit the User’s information and role, Clicking the Trashcan will delete
  • After Clicking the Pencil you can edit Name, Contact Information, Role
  • You can also change the users password, or send the Password reset email to the user

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To Manage CMS User Groups

User Groups are used in the CMS to be able to control access to Folders, and Player Groups based on group membership.  An example use might be limiting a group of of Content Authors for a specific location to only be able to access Layouts that are within a specific folder for that location.  These steps describe how to create and edit group memberships.

  • From the CMS Users Screen, Click on the “Manage User Groups” to navigate to the User Groups screen
  • Click on the “Add Group” button to add a new group.  This will open a window to Name the Group, provide an optional Description, and select Group Members
  • After naming your group and selecting members, click Create
  • To edit and Existing Group click the Pencil next to it
  • This will let you edit the group details (Name, Description) and Add or Remove members

    • To add a New Member, check their name on the left
    • To remove a member, click the trash can next to the name on the right
  • When done click Save

With CMS User Groups in Place you can now

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