Whitelist Requirements for Brightsign players using BSN


In this article we will go over what is needed for your Brightsign player to establish connection to the BSN cloud. This information can be provided to your IT team if your company heavily monitors or restricts incoming and outgoing traffic for devices within your network.


Whitelisting Requirements

BrightAuthor:connected and players will require ports 80 and 443 to be open in order to communicate with BSN.cloud. The following domains will need to be added to the whitelist rules on your network’s firewall for the Brightsign players to be able to communicate to the BSN cloud. This will allow the players to be provisioned using the brightsign cloud and then have the Korbyt software applied.

  • *certs.bsn.cloud
  • *provision.bsn.cloud
  • *ws.bsn.cloud
  • *handlers.bsn.cloud
  • *.amazonaws.com
  • *.netsuite.com


If you need information on what ports and domains need to be opened for the korbyt software please reference the article HERE

If you need information on how to add your players to the BSN cloud and install the Korbyt software we have information HERE

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our current recommended Brightsign firmware versions compatible with Korbyt software version (2.0 ONLY) are 8.0.119 and 8.0.146. However, the highest recommended Brightsign firmware version is 8.2.72. However, this is only using the 2.5.1 Korbyt software. If your player is not on one of our supported versions, you may find that you lose some player functionality while using the Korbyt software.

If you need assistance with getting your player on the correct firmware please reference our firmware upgrade and downgrade article HERE

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are using a firewall (Like Bluecoat) or other network device that inspects or encapsulates packets this must be disabled for all communication for both the BSN cloud and Korbyt cloud.

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