Legacy Korbyt Support

Support articles for Korbyt 2.5.1 and older. These are maintained for Users who have On-Prem servers that may be running the older version of Korbyt.

-Legacy- Adding Clever Content Playlist

This article represents and earlier version of Korbyt and is preserved for On-Premises clients who may still using a version that is older than 3.0. If you are on Korbyt Anywhere 3.0 or newer please use this article – Configuring a Clever Playlist Creating a Clever Playlist On the left, using the Navigation Panel, find […]

How to activate Machine Learning Broadcast

Legacy support article **NOTE: ML Broadcasts is an additional paid service that you will need to discuss with your Client Relationship Manager, if you do not already have it purchased.** **Prerequisites:¬†Aries or Leo player, external webcam and ML Broadcast activated by a delivery engineer. Under the Signage tab select ML Broadcast and click “Add Machine […]

-Legacy- What is the Korbyt Dashboard?

This article describes the Dashboard that was in Korbyt before version 3.0 and is maintained for any legacy On-Prem Users who have an older version   In this article, we will be showing one of the core features of the Korbyt CMS, the Dashboard. This is the main landing area you will see any time […]

How to Create a Board

Contents What is a Board? Pre-Requisites Creating a Board Editing your Board Static Playlist Zone Dynamic Playlist Zone Board Schedule Player/Player Group Durations Save or Publish   What is a Board? A Board divides the screen up into ‘zones’ or areas that you can play different content in at the same time. Think of it […]

-Legacy- Adding KorbytGO Users and Adding KorbytGO Users in Bulk

This article represents the Korbyt system before version 3.0.¬† It is maintained for any On-Prem Users who require legacy support articles. If you are using Korbyt Anywhere release 3.0 or newer you should use the following article: How to Import New Desktop(InView) Users Creating KorbytGO Users From your Dashboard, click ‘KorbyoGO’ to expand that section. […]

How do I wipe and enroll a Chromebox into a managed account?

This article is provided for legacy support as Chromebox is no longer a supported hardware device To wipe a Chromebox and enroll into a managed account for use with Korbyt, please complete the following instructions. Wipe the Player Turn off the Chromebox. Put a paperclip (or pushpin) into the recovery button hole. Press down the […]

-Legacy- Creating a New Platform User

This article is based on a previous version of Korbyt and is left for On-Premises Users who may be on that older version. If you Korbyt Service is on 3.0 or Higher Please See the More Updated Version: How to Manager CMS Users   To create a new platform user in Korbyt, complete the following […]