Korbyt Anywhere Releases

Release Notes for updates to the Korbyt Anywhere service

Korbyt Anywhere Release Notes – December 29th

New & Improved CMS: General Improved Scriptlet functionality – including restart feature, logs, status description Player Improved Blackout Scheduling Improved Dynamic Player Group generation build time improved Employee Experience Improved Hide Author Toggle functionality

Korbyt Anywhere Release Notes – December 18 2023

CMS: General Improved Change color of “…more” in user group column to be aligned with current page design Player Improved Moved the player locations map into an accordion that only loads the data when opened on player groups edit page New Player Upgrade version control – allow to map minimum required version before upgrade Layout Improved […]

Korbyt Anywhere Release Notes – October 18, 2023

New & Improved CMS: General Improved Enhance filtering on Asset Manager Improved Player preview set to use latest PRT New Enable “lock” feature on message and predefined layout folders Player Improved Enable color picker eye dropper when setting color on layout background New Allow administrators to manage player background color globally through entire tenant Adapters Improved Allow […]

Korbyt Anywhere Release Notes – September 12, 2023

New & Improved CMS: General New Enhanced XML/JSON Viewer Element New Urgent Alert confirmation upon status change Improved Update PowerBI element to allow use of filters Player New KWP Type shown in CMS (Advanced vs Standard) Improved Video Caching for OnTarget feeds Employee Experience New Display live ECA poll results as Digital Signage New Ability to […]

Korbyt Anywhere Release Notes – Release August 10 2023

New & Improved   CMS: General New Ability to remove scrollbars from URLs in media library New Allow media manager to bulk export files Player New Korbyt App in Zoom marketplace Improved enhancements to export player data feature from the player list page Improved Scriptlet builder maintain custom property changes Employee Experience New Allow a […]

Korbyt Anywhere Release Notes – Release July 5 2023

New & Improved CMS: General New Export CMS user list manually or through the Service Catalog Player New Add ability to export player data from the player list page. Replicates player report New Support volume slider on AU335 Improved Increase number of metadata fields to 100 Improved Enhance scriptlet library to include the ability to update time […]

Korbyt Anywhere Release Notes – Release May 18 2023

New & Improved CMS: General New Bulk updates for CMS notifications – Allow CMS users to clear post approval and post interaction notifications in bulk. Improved Preview full post – When creating a new post, you can now preview both the Newsfeed card and the Full page so that you will have a better understanding of the […]

Korbyt February Releases

2.3.23 CMS: Signage & Desktop Improved Document Element – File Transitions New Playlist element support for ‘Display All’ functionality Player New Virgo Player SSL Compatability Improved OnTarget data/content caching on latest 3.7 PRT ECA Improved FRB-2012 | Font Color on KAW post descriptions Data Adapters New FRB-2010 | Templated adapter for CSV aggregator   2.17.23 […]

Korbyt Release On-Premise & Hybrid version 3.5

A new version of Korbyt Anywhere On-Premise and Hybrid Server is available. New Features New Streamlined Layout Creation Process See Creating and Managing Layouts – New Experience article for more details New Support for PRT 3.6 (Players and Desktop) Improvements and Fixes Fixed Landing Page Login security concern Fixed Broadcast Message Expiration Fixed Genesys SDK adapter […]

Korbyt Release January 19, 2023

New & Improved CMS: General Improved Dashboard Player Map – Group players by city when zoomed out to improve performance New Embedded Playlist ordering options – allow for controlling slide order based on interactions New Allowing Messages to be linked in Subzone Quick Actions Korbyt API Improved Data updating via API calls Email New Support […]