Korbyt Anywhere Releases

Release Notes for updates to the Korbyt Anywhere service

Korbyt February Releases

2.3.23 CMS: Signage & Desktop Improved Document Element – File Transitions New Playlist element support for ‘Display All’ functionality Player New Virgo Player SSL Compatability Improved OnTarget data/content caching on latest 3.7 PRT ECA Improved FRB-2012 | Font Color on KAW post descriptions Data Adapters New FRB-2010 | Templated adapter for CSV aggregator   2.17.23 […]

Korbyt Release On-Premise & Hybrid version 3.5

A new version of Korbyt Anywhere On-Premise and Hybris Server is available. New Features New Streamlined Layout Creation Process See Creating and Managing Layouts – New Experience article for more details New Support for PRT 3.6 (Players and Desktop) Improvements and Fixes Fixed Landing Page Login security concern Fixed Broadcast Message Expiration Fixed Genesys SDK adapter […]

Korbyt Release January 19, 2023

New & Improved CMS: General Improved Dashboard Player Map – Group players by city when zoomed out to improve performance New Embedded Playlist ordering options – allow for controlling slide order based on interactions New Allowing Messages to be linked in Subzone Quick Actions Korbyt API Improved Data updating via API calls Email New Support […]

Korbyt Release January 12, 2023

New & Improved CMS: Signage & Desktop Improved Advanced Data Table Element – Triggers & Animations Improved Clever Playlist – logic for tag comparisons Improved Responsiveness for text element within builder Improved OnTarget Element Text Sizing & Alignment Analytics New Desktop usage report Improved Player Inventory Report – added additional fields for improved data reporting […]

Korbyt Anywhere 3.4 Release Notes

This release will be made available after 5 pm central time on December 1, 2022 New, Enhancements, and Fixes Content Management System Storage capacity Used / Total now listed in Media Manager Layouts Enhanced parameter control on YouTube element specifically closed captions Ease of Use: Convert Layouts to Predefined Layouts so that they can be […]

Korbyt Anywhere 3.2.0 Release Notes

This release will be made available after 5 pm central time on August 2, 2022 New and Updated Content Management System New Use Settings to define a default font for Posts and Emails New User Settings to establish a default duration for Launchpads New countries available in Player Locations metadata New Allow vertical alignment in […]

Korbyt Anywhere 3.1.5 Release Notes (CMS, Signage, Mobile, Web, Email)

This release will be made available after 3 pm central time on June 4, 2022.  The mobile app versions are Android 3.1.5 and iOS 3.2.6 build 446 Fixes and Updates General *New* Create Favorites in the CMS to quickly navigate to the pages you go to most often *New* Enhancement to Crestron player to include […]

Korbyt Anywhere 3.1 Release Notes

This release will be made available after 8 pm central time on November 19, 2021 New and Updated Email Platform New CMS Users can send targeted emails to anybody with access to Korbyt Anywhere New Seven templates available to choose from: Simple Text, Simple Gallery, Stacked Gallery, Korbyt Anywhere Invite, Single Post (Image), Single Post (Video), Modern […]

Korbyt Anywhere 3.0.1 Release Notes

New and Updated CMS: Resources New Users can select a image to display to users in addition to icons URI code editable on predefined resources CMS: Categories New View posts that have been published to the category Updated button text to more correctly represent transition taking place (i.e. Publish Changes) Category images designed as a […]

Korbyt Anywhere 3.0 Release Notes

Content Management System (CMS) – Overall​ New mega-menu style navigation, with option to quickly switch between Digital Signage and Mobile/Web products​ Visually updated to reflect a more modern design aesthetic​ New Guided software tours, with different paths for new users vs current users of the platform​ ​CMS: Signage & Desktop​ Inview has been renamed to Desktop​ New On-Prem Azure desktop authentication​ […]