Korbyt Mobile, Web, & Email

Articles focused on the functions and features of Korbyt Mobile, Web, and Email service and their applications.

Adding Resources

Resources can be external app launchers, URL links, documents/content, or live data integrations. Resources are accessible from the Korbyt Anywhere mobile app and web interface. They can be targeted to specific audiences. For more information, refer to Targeting Resources to Specific Audiences. To add resources: Click the hamburger icon and navigate to Resources > Resources. Click Add […]

Resource Types

What are the different Resource types? There are 4 primary resource types. These types include App Launcher, URL, File, and Data. These types allow you as the administrator to curate and target the tools to the end users and audiences. As a user, these Resources are going to typically be tools you use daily. This […]

What are Category Settings

Category settings allow you to control how others interact with our categories.  These settings may affect the content management system or the Mobile and Web Experience. Select Audience Select Audience allows you to target your category to specific groups of users. For more details about targeting Categories, refer to How to Target a Category. Private Draft […]

Using the Web Interface to Create Posts

After logging into the Korbyt Anywhere platform, users are automatically taken to their personalized news feed. Content can be published to approved categories within the news feed. There may be cases where a post needs to be reviewed and approved by an admin before it can be published. Before you can publish posts to the […]

Creating Audiences

A successful communication strategy ensures that the right message gets to the appropriate users at the perfect time. You can use audiences to segment users into groups so that you can target various types of content to them. When audiences are used in this manner, they are considered static. These audiences are a set group of […]


Categories can be used to curate and target relevant content under a single heading.  From the Korbyt Anywhere mobile app and web interface, categories can be scanned to easily discover relevant content. Once an interesting category is discovered, you can subscribe to it to personalize your news feed. If a category is important for all […]

Targeting Categories to Specific Audiences

From the Add Category screen, you can make categories available to a variety of audiences. When made available, the category will appear on the Home page within the Korbyt Anywhere mobile app and web interface. Your users can personalize their news feed by subscribing to categories that are available to them. You can use category targeting to: […]

Adding Users Manually to the Korbyt Anywhere Platform

This article reviews how to add Korbyt Anywhere end users one at a time. If you would like to add one user at a time to the Korbyt Anywhere platform without having to create a file, do the following: Click the hamburger menu and navigate to: Desktop > Users (from the Korbyt Anywhere web interface) […]

Managing Users

Users can be imported using one of the following methods: Managing Users screen within the Korbyt Anywhere platform Azure Active Directory CSV import file After users have been added to the Korbyt Anywhere platform, you can search for them by clicking the hamburger menu and navigating to: Desktop > Users (from the Korbyt Anywhere web […]