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Articles focused on the functions and features of Korbyt Mobile, Web, and Email service and their applications.

Enabling User Generated Content

How to Enable User Generated Content As an administrator in Korbyt Anywhere, you have the ability to control how Users interact with the platform.  Typically, user generated content is enabled during install.  However, as the administrator, you have the power to change that if you want.  Enabling or disabling user generated content is a simple […]

Reached Users Report

Overview: What is the Reached Users Report? The Reached Users Report shows you specific users who have logged into Korbyt Anywhere.  Use this report to look for individuals or share with others in the organization who may want to reward those who have joined or offer encouragement to those who have not. How to use […]

Using the Reached Users Dashboard

The Reached Users Dashboard shows you how many users have logged in to Korbyt Anywhere at least once. You should think of this as your adoption dashboard. You can access the Reached Users Dashboard by clicking the hamburger icon and navigating to Analytics > Reached Users. To further analyze behavioral patterns within your user community, you […]

Getting Started with the Web Interface

You can access the Korbyt Anywhere web interface by going to https://Korbyt.com/kaw. When logging into the Korbyt Anywhere web interface for the first time, users need to enter a unique company code along with their login credentials. Their organization will provide them with the company code and login credentials. You may be prompted to use multi-factor authentication.    […]

Using the Mobile App to Create Posts

After logging into the Korbyt Anywhere platform, you’ll be automatically taken to your personalized news feed. You can create and publish posts directly to categories within your personalized news feed that are already approved or require post approval from an admin. Before you can publish posts to the news feed via the Korbyt Anywhere mobile […]

Korbyt Anywhere Mobile Experience Categories

Subscribe to Categories to Personalize Your News Feed Categories help communicators organize posts by themes or topics of content.  In Korbyt Anywhere Mobile, you can use the Category tab to discover any curated content that has been shared with you.  Subscribe to categories that are interesting or relevant to your role. You can easily find all […]

Getting Started with the Mobile App

Before you can start using the Korbyt Anywhere mobile app, you must do the following: Download Korbyt Anywhere mobile app from the App Store (Apple) or Play Store (Android) by searching for KorbytGo. Enable push notifications to get the most out of the Korbyt Anywhere mobile app. When logging into the Korbyt Anywhere mobile app for […]

Supported Media Specifications

What are the supported media formats? The Korbyt Anywhere Media Manager will support most common types of files. The current list of supported media is: Image .jpg/.jpeg .png .bmp .gif .svg Audio .mp3 .mp4a .aac Video .mp4 .webm .avi .mov .mpeg Some video formats might need to be transcoded to play on certain digital signage […]

Supported Browsers and Mobile Devices

The Korbyt Anywhere platform is compatible with a variety of browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems. To experience the best performance, you should refrain from using the Korbyt Anywhere platform on browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems that aren’t listed below. If you experience issues with the Korbyt Anywhere platform when attempting to use it […]

Using a CSV File to Import Users

You can import new users or update existing user data in the Korbyt Anywhere platform using a CSV import file, which must include the following information: first_name: Must contain a value. last_name: Must contain a value. email: Must be a unique value. You can leave this field blank. However, we recommend that you include an email […]