Getting Started Guides

Working with Adapters

An Adapter is one of the most powerful functions of Korbyt. An Adapter allows you to ingest data from external data sources. Want to bring in data from a database, or a web service, or just a plain text file or even a custom web service API? An Adapter allows you to do that. Putting […]

Creating a Survey

How to create a Survey Surveys allow the KorbytGO administrator to send surveys to end users for display within a mini-app or on the news feed. To create a new survey, go to the Korbyt Menu bar on the left and select ‘KorbytGO.’ Then, click on ‘Surveys’ below Click on ‘Add Survey’ Give Survey a […]

Importing/Exporting a Layout

Importing / Exporting Layout features can be used If: Multiple tenants are being used. The Layouts can be created on one tenant and needed to be used on the other tenant for example, they can be exported from the original tenant then imported to the second tenant. The Import feature can also be  used if the […]