How to Add External Layout

What is a Layout?

A layout is a container for content in Korbyt that contain objects from various sources. You can include multimedia components within your layouts by attaching graphics and videos to the layout zones and associating sounds with individual messages.  You can add these components from your own resources.

How to Add a layout

On this session we will demonstrate how to import an external layout on to your Korbyt CMS platform.

External Layouts are web-pages created outside Korbyt using HTML Editors or other code building software.

The importing layout feature could also import layouts that have been originally created in Korbyt builder and later exported out.


Korbyt supports:  HTML,  CSS,  and JavaScript

After viewing this article the user will successfully be able to import an external Layout.

Steps below will detail how to add an Export Layout.

  1. Connect to the main Korbyt Dashboard
  2. From the left side navigation select Signage.
  3. Select Layout
  4. Next on the left side click on the Add Layout  button
  5.  On the template top list drop-down select “External Layout to import the layout made with the external editor
  6. Give the Layout Name and Tags
  7. The user has the option to activate Proof of Play.  This option will ensure viewership of data in your Korbyt employee records
  8. Once everything looks good  click on Create button.  An archive layout will be  uploaded to your Korbyt platform.
  9. Once the Layout is created, it will be listed on the Layouts tab
  10. A layout can also be  exported out. for more details click on the link below:
    Exporting / Importing Layout

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