How to Use Builder

The Builder provides content authors and Korbyt users of all skill sets the ability to quickly build dynamic visual interfaces. Authors drag and drop content elements into fixed or re-sizable layout zones.  Access What is Builder to learn more.

Builder can be accessed in Messages and Layouts. To use Builder, follow the steps below:

  1. To add an element,  click and hold on a desired element in builder.  Drag and drop it in the desired location.

    Resize and move elements once you have dropped them into the desired zone.
  2. To open the display options, select the “display controls” option on the upper area of builder.
  3. In the display options, you can simulate orientation and resolutions for the content.
  4. To move or hide builder, use the “toggle control” option.
  5. Clicking and holding it will allow you to move the builder to the desired location. Single clicking on the toggle controller will hide builder.
  6. Selecting the “Show all Quick Actions” button allows you to access Quick Actions.
  7. CSS and Javascript can be added by clicking this button.

  8. To see if there are errors within the message or layout you are using, click on the “Console” button.
  9. To preview what you are working on, click the eye shaped “Preview” button.
  10. To save your work, press the “Save” button located at the bottom of the builder window.
  11. To commit the changes to your work, press the “Publish” button.
  12. To exit builder, press the “Exit” button.

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