How to Create a Layout with PowerBi Element

This article will walk the user on how to add a Power BI Element to a Layout.

  1. On the menu under Content, click on Layouts
  2. Click on the Create Layout button
  3. Select the name and desired template and click on Create button.
  4. Drag and Drop the PowerBI button element
  5. Click on the wheel to edit the PowerBI element
  6. Click on the Credentials button to enter the needed information Like client ID, Secret,
  7. On the Credentials window enter the needed info: Power Bi Tenant ID, Client ID, Client Secret, group ID, Resource ID, Resource Type.
  8. Click on the Check Mark to validate the information that has been entered:
  9. The application will give an indication that content is loading:
  10. At this point Content will start displaying

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Currently working as a Technical Support Analyst with RMG Networks. I have over 10 years of experience in the Digital Signage Industry. I have a BBS degree in Marketing from the University of Texas at El Paso