RMA Process for Chromebox via AOPEN

The steps below must be follow to be able to generate an RMA with AOPEN for a Chromebox.

  1. Go to: https://www.aopen.com/US_en/index.html
  2. Select the Support Tab, then Services, then RMA Service
  3. On the new login page that opens, select “New User Sign up”
  4. Sign up for a new account by filling up the below required information
  5. Enter the credentials you just created: user ID and password, to login, just like the example below
  6. An email will be sent to you by AOPEN for email confirmation. The login would only be valid until the email is validated by AOPEN:
  7. Once logged in, the following window will appear.  Under RMA select RMA Application.
  8. Fill the correct fields on the window below.  Please note that if you have several addresses under the account, make sure the correct one is selected under the dropdown.
  9. Make sure the correct email is select, the RMA notification and shipping instructions will be sent to that address.
  10. Enter the  Part number and Serial number as well. Fail descriptions is also required

  11. Then click APPLY
  12. You will see below pop up if the RMA requested product is out of
    standard warranty
  13. You should contact AOPEN RMA team and provide necessary
    document to AOPEN to validate product warranty.
  14. AOPEN RMA team will contact with you If
    • The product serial number which you have entered does not exist
    on RMA database
    • It doesn’t show warranty date
    • The product serial number which you have entered is incorrect
  15. A notification email as below sample will be forwarded to you
    regarding the RMA#, shipping instruction and the shipping

How to check product warranty

You can check product warranty date from product serial
number, by entering PN & S/N or By uploading excel file

Steps below are by using the PN & S/N

  1. Under the Query Tab, Select Warranty Date Query.
  2. Enter product serial number from barcode label
  3. Enter both P/N & S/N to check product warranty date (do
    not include space or period). For example:91DED00GA1053500162LMA0
  4. After entering the SN input you should get the information below, it would show if the player is still under warranty.

Steps below are by By uploading excel file

  1. Click on the Query by Excel upload
  2. You should have the option to Download excel sample file
  3.  Once you created the file, now upload excel data

RMA Query

  1. Query and show requested RMA within the last six month
  2. You can only query you have requested RMA data

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