Korbyt PWA Players

Korbyt PWA Players

PWA Players are a unique solution available to customers looking to view scheduled content using a URL browser. Deployment of signage content can be made possible for these devices, however, there are limitations to using a browser-type player.

To operate a PWA player, we must meet the requirements below:

  • PWA Player must utilize the latest Chromium browser version (Minimum version required: 76)
  • PWA Player must have some type of browser capable of displaying the URL. This can be done using firmware, an application, or OS settings. Once the URL is loaded, we cannot reboot or refresh the content by reloading.

Furthermore, several of the functionalities found on our stand-alone Korbyt players are not available for PWA players:

  • The Player Configuration Page does not exist. No management tools are available.
  • Rebooting the player and gathering logs is not supported.
  • Screenshots for currently playing content will not work. This means there will be no thumbnail for PWA players in the Korbyt CMS.
  • Upgrades for PWA players are limited to the current version of PWA software.
  • PWA Players cannot be used in On-Prem environments.
  • PWA players using Hybrid infrastructure will not be able to display and utilize data not coming from the cloud.

If you are looking for a player that has more dedicated functionalities, please consider choosing a player from our supported hardware article:


About Skyler Thomas

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