How to perform performance test on KWP


Here at Korbyt we are dedicated to ensuring your experience when viewing the content you have created displays as smooth as possible. Its important to understand the limitations of your KWP (Korbyt Windows Player) hardware. We realize the need for a quantitative way to test this . So that is exactly what we have provided!  Below we will go over how to get the KWP software and how to test the limitations of your KWP player.


We encourage the use of the KWP software but there are limitations for all hardware, this article will help to outline yours. Korbyt does not manage nor maintain any aspect of your KWP device. This includes, but is not limited to, Hardware, Operating Systems, Windows Updates, Antivirus, and Group Policy instructions. All of which can have an affect on the performance of your device.


How does my player compare to a player sold by Korbyt?

How does one of our flagship players perform in comparison to your KWP player. That is the underlying question we want to answer for our clients. We want you to accurately compare your device against our flagship player (Aries). So that when your content is created you will have this information at your disposal if you do reach performance limitations.

Below we have provided the scores for our Aries player, and what links you need to test your KWP against our flagship player (Aries). If you notice your scores are much lower than our Aries player you may have problems handling heavier or more complex content.

NOTE: These benchmark tests should be performed BEFORE installing the KDA software.

Aries (KDA) Benchmark Score and Benchmark URL






How Do I get the Korbyt Windows Player software?

The KWP software is not publicly available. We can supply the software to you by simply opening a case with our support team. You can do this by sending an email to After doing so one of our support reps will contact you regarding the KWP software and how to download it.


How do I install the KWP software?

Now you have the KWP software you will need to install it. We have outlined a separate article that will outline how to install the software and the system requirements for the KWP software. Review that article HERE.


How do I test my KWPs performance using scheduled content?

We have created a custom tenant specifically for this purpose. Please see this article for more details HERE.

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