Can I configure a player to connect through a proxy?

Configuring a proxy on RMG KDA players

  1. Access player’s config page by entering the player’s IP address into a web browser that is on the same network as the player.
    • If you receive a cert error screen, ignore and continue past it.
    • Login to the player config page with the admin login.
  2.  Once in the player’s config page; go to “Network” tab, then “Proxy”.
  3. Enter your company’s proxy info and then click the “Save” button.

Configuring a proxy on BrightSign players

  1. You can configure proxy for BrightSign players from either the BrightSign cloud console or from the Bright Author application.
  2. BrightSign cloud console: 
  3. Bright Author application:  

Configuring a proxy on Chromebox players

  1. Connect a keyboard and mouse to the box.
  2. Type CTL+ALT+X to restart and then CTL+ALT+S to interrupt the player.
  3. Select the networks then “Proxy settings” 

Configuring a proxy on Shield players

  1. Under settings select network then select Proxy