Adding a Category to a Post

You can use categories to group posts. The CMS administrator determines which categories you can publish posts to within your personalized news feed. For more information about categories, refer to Categories.

When creating new posts, you can associate the appropriate categories. You can also add categories to existing posts.

To add a category to a post:

  1. Navigate to either the Add Post or Edit Post screen.
  2. Click Categories from the Post Settings > Audience and Categories subsection.
  3. From the Category pop-up, associate the necessary categories:
    • Select a category on the left.
      To select multiple categories simultaneously, hold down the Command key (Mac) or Ctrl key (Windows).
    • Click Add to add it to the Target Categories section.
    • Click Done.
  4. Click Save if you only want to save this update without letting it take effect immediately.
  5. Click Publish if you want the article to be grouped under this category immediately.