KWP limitations

Korbyt Windows Player Limitation

The Standard KWP Software is limited in administration functionality through the CMS because the nature of the Player Software is such that it does not have direct control over the Windows Hardware to be able to act as fully as stand-alone player hardware.

These limitations are experienced when trying to use the Player Settings in the CMS system to send commands to the player. These settings will need to be controlled through the Windows OS itself when installed in basic fashion.

The limitations discussed in this article do not involve the display of content, but rather about about player administration

Limitations Include

  • Support for Korbyt Optix tracking services
  • Having a “Player Configuration Page” that can be accessed through network
  • Sleep Schedule Programming
  • Reboot Schedule Programming
  • Video (HDMI) Passthrough
  • Capture of Screenshots

If your use case and configuration with a KWP is unusual or complex (multiple video outputs, complex interactivity, or experiential features) you will wan to test to ensure that the device can support your needs.

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