Usage – Korbyt Content

The “Usage” option allows the user to find out if any content is being used by any item(s) within their Korbyt CMS.  For example, a piece of content could be scheduled to play in a Playlist, Layout, Documents, Folders, URLs, etc. the Usage option will show where it is scheduled.

  1. To find out if the items are scheduled on a playlist :
  2. Navigate to Media –> Media Library
  3. Select the Image tab from the menu.  It will display all the images with usage. It will display a number under the usage column.
  4. Or Select Videos tab from the menu.  It will display all the videos with usage. It will display a number under usage column.
  5. Under Usage click on the number. In this particular example the usage shows 9.  We clicked on the number nine.  Notice how it shows all nine layouts where the item selected is scheduled.
  6. Click on one of the items on that list under the number selected.
  7. The Playlist will open and will show two sections highlighted in yellow: Items on playlist, and Assigned to players /Groups.  The playlist section will show all the items that were added to the playlist
  8. Only when the playlist is scheduled to play on a player the playlist will show which player is playing its content. The Assign to Players/Groups section will show all the players that will play this playlist





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