Office 365 Adapter – Calendar Data

The steps below will help the user on how to create a new Office 365 Adapter – Calendar Data.  There are five basic steps to follow, listed below.

  1. From the Advanced tab select Data Integration
  2. Under Data Integration click on the Create Adapter button
  3.  Step 1: Adapter Details
    a)Enter the Adapter Details like Adapter Name
    b)Select the Adapter Type.  In this case we will need to select The Adapter Type as “Template”.  c)After filling the information, click on the NEXT button to proceed.
  4. Step 2: Adapter Configuration
    a) Select the Template, for this adapter we will select Office365 Adapter (1.6.2) from the Drop down.
    b) Next make sure the Office 365 Authorization is authenticated.
    c) Enter the email addresses for the calendar(s) or calendar names being used.  If multiple calendars are being used separate them by a semicolon (;).
    d) At this point, we can SAVE & CREATE the adapter.  The Step 3 – Step 5 are optional.

    e) Click on SAVE & CREATE button
    f) Saving Adapter notification should appear
    g) Click on the OK button

    h) The Adapter has been created and now it can be activated. To Activate slide the option to the right.

    i) Activating Adapter Notification appears. Click OK to proceed.
    j) Under Data Integration the new Adapter should now display
    k) Click one Eye action button to preview the data

    l) Below is an example of how the data would look like on the Preview

    During the creation of the Adapter, the Steps below are optional.
  5. Step 3: User Permission
    a) During this step, user permission can be set
  6. Step 4: Adapter Notification.
    a) During this step Adapter Notification can be set
  7. Step 5: Adapter Restart
    a) During this step, the Schedule to restart the Adapter can be set:

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