KorbytGO – How to Create Audiences

How to Create an Audience

To create an audience for KorbytGO content follow the steps below:

  1. From Dashboard –> KorbytGO –>Audiences.  Click on the “Create Audience” button.
  2. The “Add Audience” window that opens will have two sections: Members and Currently Assigned content.  In the members section, add the audience members and then name the audience. For this example we are selecting static content in the assigned content section.
  3. Add an optional picture to the audience member by selecting the image then click “Add.”
  4. Add audience members by clicking on the drop-down or simply searching for the member. The example below shows a list of members to select from.
  5. The example below shows a list of members when searching by a specific character. Multiple members can be selected.
  6. Toggle between “All” and “Selected” in the upper right hand corner. Clicking “All” will show all users. Clicking “Selected” will show the total member(s) that were selected.
  7. Click on “Currently Assigned Content” to see what content is assigned to the audience.  Content is categorized by Campaigns, Posts, Messages  or All.
  8.  Click on “Campaigns” to see how many campaigns are selected. In this example, there is (1) campaign.
    NOTE: See separate knowledge base article to learn how a campaign  is created.
  9. Click on the “Messages” to see how many messages are assigned to the audience. In this example, there is (1) message.
  10. Click on “All” to see the total quantity of campaigns, posts and messages selected. In this example, there are (2).
  11. When everything has been appropriately selected click on the “Save” button to save all changes.


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