KorbytGO – How to Add Posts

How to Add Posts

To add KorbytGO Posts follow the steps below:

  1. Under Dashboard –> KorbytGO –>Posts. Click on the “Add Post” button.
  2. Populate fields in the “Add Post” window including the post Title, Post Image, and Feed Title.
  3. Click on the arrow in the top right corner of the screen to open an expandable window that displays other post options.
  4. Expand the window left to view and edit post options like the ability to allow likes or allow comments.  Here, a campaign can be selected or also deleted from the list.
  5. When selections are complete, click on the arrow again to collapse the window.
  6. Continue selecting more post options.  Select YES or NO on the toggle buttons to  “Allow the reader to acknowledge article” and reach “Global Audience” vs. assigning an audience.
  7.  If Global Audience is enabled, it will show how many employees are withing the audience.
  8. If Global Audience is disabled, then other audiences can be selected. Only when the Global Audience is toggled to NO will the user see the option select multiple other audiences.
  9. To assign a specific audience, go to “Add Audiences” and select from the list of available audiences.
  10. An audience can also be removed by clicking on the red X.
  11. Under the Feed section, toggle the button for YES or NO to show the Feed and select the start and end date in which you want the post to show in the feed.
  12.  Click on the Save then Post Now button. The confirmation notification will appear that the post is scheduled.

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