Import Adobe Creative Cloud Assets into Korbyt

This Article will explain how to set up file syncing between Adobe Creative Cloud and your Korbyt Tenant using an intermediary service such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box

If you are using the newer Adobe Experience Manager you can link directly to that service using a Korbyt Courier. See Article Setup a Courier Rule.

The process of syncing Adobe Creative Cloud to Korbyt will involve multiple steps

  • Downloading and setting up the Adobe Creative Cloud application on your computer
  • Installing the Desktop client for the service of your choice – Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box
    • You can select from any of the above services, you may already be using one
    • You will need to have the desktop application for the service also installed on y our computer
  • Setting Adobe Create Cloud and the other service of your choice to share a common folder for their local items
    • This will Allow your Adobe Create Items to Sync to the Intermediary service
  • Using Couriers within your Korbyt Tenant to sync the contents of  the above service you chose
    • This will allow Korbyt to copy files from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or Box


Downloading / Installing / Setting up Adobe Creative Cloud on your Computer

For support downloading and installing Adobe Creative Cloud, see support articles provided by Adobe for the most accurate and upto day information

Once completed this will allow Adobe Creative Cloud to sync it’s files to your local computer

Downloading / Installing / Setting up Backup Service on your Computer

For support with your other backup service of choice you should consult that services website for the most accurate and up to date instructions

Once completed this will allow your backup service to save files from your computer out to their cloud

Setting Adobe Creative Cloud and your Backup Service to Share the Same Folder on your Computer

This will involve you adjusting the settings of either Adobe Create Cloud, the Backup Service of your choice, or both

The goal is that both services are syncing to the same folder on your computer

The end result will be that your Adobe Create Cloud will be syncing files to your computer, the Backup service of your choice is then syncing them back out to their cloud where Korbyt can directly connect

Setting Up a Korbyt Courier to your Selected Service

Help with creating a Courier within Korbyt can be found at this article – Setup a Courier Rule

Once the Korbyt Courier is created Korbyt will automatically copy items from your selected service into Korbyt (at the timed interval set in the Korbyt Courier)

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