How to Use the XML / JSON Viewer Element

The XML JSON Viewer Element gives an easy way to add a JSON source of information to a display.

For detailed manipulation or large data sets a dedicated Data Adapter will be the best implementation.
A dedicated JSON Template is available when creating a Data Adapter.

To use the XML JSON Viewer Element

  • Open the Mega Menu  and in the Content column select Layouts
  • Create a new Layout, or Edit an Existing Layout
  • In the Builder Tool, click and drag the XML JSON Viewer Element from the control panel to the canvas
  • Select the gear icon by hovering over the top right corner of the element and then selecting “Edit Element.” A new row of icons will appear above the element.
  • Use the Available Option to build your form


Edit Icon Description
Add XML/JSON Data set the link or text data source that will be viewed
Bold sets the text to be bold
Italic sets the text to be italic
Underline sets the text to be underlined
Font Size set the font size for the whole form.
Font Family sets the font choice for the form
Padding adjusts the text padding throughout the form
Color sets the text color
Alignment sets the text alignment to left, center, and right
White Space sets the wrapping behavior for how the text will act in spaces
Image Sizing sets the way images will display Cover or Contain and % image size adjustments
Video Controls sets Loop, Autoplay, Audio Mute and Control Icon behavoirs
Paging Settings sets paging if multiple pages of data are needing to be presented


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