How to use the MS Teams LIVE EVENT Element

Requires an MS Teams account that you will log into through a popup connecting to that account.
Creates an element that can be linked to a specific MS Teams Live Event.

To Use the Tems Live Event Element

  • Navitage to Layouts by opening the Mega Menu and in the Content column click on Layouts
  • Either create a new layout or edit an existing layout
  • Drag the Teams Live Events Element tile to the canvas
  • When you drag the Teams Live Events element onto a Layout the system will popup a Microsoft sign-in screen
    You may need to disable pop-up blockers
    If your web browser has your credentials stored, this popup might close on its own

  • Once logged in you will use the Gear Icon in the upper right corner of the element to open the Edit Element controls
  • After Selecting Edit Element you will have a drop-down where you can enter the Live Event information
  • The option to reference the Embedded HTML link is also present
  • You can then resize the Meeting Element to be the area of the screen you wish it to take
  • Then Publish your Layout and schedule it to screens with a Playlist
    • The schedule of this layout and playlist should coincide with when the meeting will be live and should be seen


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