How to Use the Meeting Display Element

Adds a meeting display element that creates a meeting room door sign this linked to room schedule data that is provided through a Data Adapter within Korbyt.

This Requires that a Data Adapter has been configured and the design subscribes to that data.
If you need assistance setting up a Data Subscription on a Layout please review How to Add Data Into a Layout

With a Data Subscription configured when you Click and Drag the Meeting Display element to the canvas it will add a table of data based on the information provided through the Data Subscription.

You can then edit that table of information using the Settings Gear > Edit Element
The edit ribbon for Meeting Room has three sections
you can see which section you are by which is highlighted in purple on the right end fo the ribbon

Data Menu

Data Menu settings affect what data is shown on the screen.


Edit Icon Description
Columns select which columns to include
Column Position click and drag to reorder the columns
Group By sets a grouping by selected columns

Table Menu

The Table settings let you control how the table is drawn on the screen

Edit Icon Description
Template select a style template for the data
Background and Boarders select background and boarder
Row Background Color set a background color for entire rows
Can be applied separately to Odd and Even rows
Text Wrap set the text to wrap or not wrap in the cell
Padding set a value to shift the text based cell data away from the the cell wall
This will pads in from either the left or right side if aligned to one of those

Text Styling Menu

Style settings affect the Cells or Columns that you have clicked on to select in the table.
You can use Shift or CTRL keys in connection with clicking to select multiple at a time.

Edit Icon Description
Style  select Bold, Italic, Underline, or any combination
Font select what type face
Font Size set the font size
Text Color set the color of selected cells
Alignment set the Vertical and Horizontal text alignment in the cell



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