How to Use Ruler Guides in Builder

What is the Ruler Guide?

This is key anytime you need assistance to properly sizing your elements or arraigning them in an organized manner within your layout builder.

How to access the Ruler Guide

The ruler guide is in Builder under the Advanced Tab.

This will then add ruler bars on the borders of the builder


New Ruler Guide lines can then be “Clicked and Dragged from the Ruler Guidelines on the boarders


You can set the Ruler Guides to known percentages by holding the <Shift> key as you drag the Guideline


When the Ruler Guides have been set to their preferred locations the layout elements can be rearranged and resized using the guides just created.

The layout can then be saved

If the ruler needs to be seen again after saving, just click the ruler button again and it will appear.

A key feature is there is no need to save the Ruler guide placement changes. Each ruler guide is automatically saved on a per-user basis, so the ruler guides are saved by the user setting the ruler guides.

They are also saved specifically for each layout, for a given user.

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