How to use a threshold to hide/show an element

After reading this article, the user will be able to hide/show elements as a threshold from an already configured subscription /adapter to a layout.

  1. Once you have set up your subscription, you can expand the subscription by clicking here.
  2. Click and hold on ‘Entire Subscription’ and drag it to the desired location in your layout.

  3. Add a media (or which kind of element you wish to show, and select the hide element option.
  4. After the Media or any other element is added, now get ready to add the threshold
  5. On the builder click on the “Show All Quick Action & Data triggers” button
  6. Under “Data Triggers” click on the + to add  a data trigger
  7. Fill all the fields for example Select the subscription, the column, Operator and enter a value.
  8. Under Logging options, click on the Toggle Visibility drop down option to be able to enter the Visibility Option.
  9. Select what is to be shown and then  to be hide
  10. Click on Apply trigger to complete the action.

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