How to Setup Korbyt on LG WebOS

  1. Go to the “SI Server Settings” on the LG monitor (getting to this menu depends on model/firmware)
  2. On some models you may select “Settings” on the remote and then “EZ Settings” then “SI Server Settings” (*note: you may have to contact LG for instructions if your display does not have these same options*).
  3. Set Application Type to “.IPK”
  4. Turn on “Fully Qualified Domain Name”
  5. Enter the URL
  6. Set application launch mode to local.
  7. Click “Remote” on “Local Application Upgrade”
  8. Power monitor off and back on.
  9. Korbyt Player should launch and display the provisioning screen (unless the player is already provisioned).
    1. If the player is already provisioned the player will start in streaming mode while the player downloads all the files to the cache and will then switch to playing from the cache.
  10. Step 9 is only required if it loads to the Provisioning page instead of back to your normal content.
  11. Provision player like any other player.  —

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