How to Create a CSV Adapter

After reading this article, the user will be able to create a CSV Adapter

  1. Save the table in a CSV format. The sample below is tab delimited
  2. This is another sample of how data can be added:
  3. The file will need to be uploaded into the Korbyt media library manually or through one of the couriers.
  4. Once the CSV file is in the Korbyt media library, you can create the adapter.
  5. Name the adapter and select Template. Press ‘Next’ to continue.
  6. Select the CSV template.
  7. Input the CSV option and update interval, then select the CSV file location.

  8. Select ‘Define DB table’ and input the field names, field types and define a primary key.
  9. Select save to save your DB table fields
  10. Select ‘Save & Create’ to create your adapter.
  11. Once the adapter is created, Select ‘activate’.
  12. Select preview to see the CSV table that was just created.

NOTE: Once the CSV file is updated, make sure you overwrite the existing file in the media library instead of deleting it and then putting a new one.  Otherwise it will not have the  same file location and will stop functioning until the file location is updated in the CSV adapter.

How to view / edit the CSV file within the tenant

  1. Edit the CSV Data Adapter
  2. From the Template Configuration copy the CSV file URL
  3. Paste the URL at the end of the tenant URL
  4. An excel file will appear at the bottom of the page and it will have to be open, or it will actually open.
  5. Once is open the file can be edited (add or remove data).
  6. Save the csv file and re-import back to the tenant onto the Media Library

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