How can I install the Korbyt player software on a Samsung Tizen screen?

System requirements:  Samsung display running Samsung Tizen 6.5 or 7.

Please note: SSSP 6 is supported with this version as well.

Installation Instructions

  1. Press the home key on the TV remote
  2. Go to the “URL Launcher Settings”
  3. Select “Install Web App”
  4. Enter the URL  **Note the URL must be all in lower case, also this URL will produce a 404 error if you attempt to go to it on a non Samsung display.**
  5. Select the “Done” button.
  6. The application should download, install, and automatically start
  7. The device will show a new Korbyt provisioning token displayed on the screen.
  8. Login to Korbyt and navigate to Players.
  9. Click Provision Player and enter the token to provision the device in Korbyt.
    More information available here: Provisioning a player in Korbyt
  10. Rename the new device if required.
  11. Assign playlists or other content to the player.

To test if the URL is working from a browser use: instead of  Using the standard url used on the Samsung player on a browser will give a 404 error.

The browser should download an XML file that looks like:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

The display grabs the widgetname and appends the .wgt extension and downloads the actual player.

To test if the URL is working from a browser use:

How to install via USB:

  1. Download the korbytplayer.wgt and the sssp_config.xml from the following locations:
  2. Format a USB drive using FAT32.
  3. Create the folder “SSSP” on the USB drive.
  4. Copy the Korbyt player files (“korbytplayer.wgt” and “sssp_config.xml”) to the “SSSP” folder.
  5. Turn the screen on and insert the USB drive.
  6. Click the Content (Home) button on the remote.
  7. Select URL Launcher settings.
  8. Select Install from USB Device.
  9. Enter your PIN
  10. The application will install and start automatically.