Folder Structures in Korbyt

In Korbyt, folder structures can be created for most sections of the service including

  • Media Manager
  • Layouts
  • Messages
  • Launchpads
  • Playlists

These folder structures can be used to organize your content, and as a mechanism to control access to the content.

When creating your folder structure it can be built to match your needs.
Usual strategies for folder structures include

  • Company Wide vs Specific Use
    • Specific Use based on different geographies
      • With different folders for different regions, cities, buildings …
    • Specific Use for different use-cases
      • HR, Employee Recognition …
  • Or any structure that might match your organization’s needs

For more information on setting group and folder permission see Managing Users Group Folder Permissions

In the case of the Media Manager, folders can also be used to create Automation that sends content from a folder to a specific playlist.

For more details on folders as content to screen automation see Adding Clever Content with Rules to a Clever Playlist

As with any data organization strategy, it should not contain more folders than needed and names should be clear for their use to make managing and navigation easier.

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