Email Analytics

After distributing an email, you can go to the Email Dashboard to track various analytics for that email. You can view your email analytics by clicking the hamburger icon and navigating to Analytics > Email.


The following email analytics can be tracked from the Email Dashboard:

  • Emails Sent: Total number of emails that have been sent.
  • Successful Deliveries: Total number of emails that were successfully delivered.
  • Unique Opens: Total number of emails that have been opened. Only one click per recipient will be included.
  • Total Clicks: Total number of links that have been clicked. Multiple clicks by the same recipient will be included.

You can filter these email analytics by mobile device (iOS or Android), web, or any predefined attributes. For more information about how to set email attributes, refer to Setting Email Attributes from Your CMS. Your filters can be saved.

The Email Dashboard also provides graphs and maps so that you can visualize your unique open and total click data.