Data Subscriptions – Filtering

With this article, we will be demonstrating how to use the data subscription feature within the Korbyt layout builder.

This feature is used any time you would like to apply constraints to the incoming data that you would like to display within your builder elements.

This article is considered an advanced topic and assumes the user already has at least one data adapter configured to the Korbyt CMS platform.

We have a how-to video for basic data subscription configuration if you are not familiar with this first step.  The how-to video is available in the Help -> How-to Videos inside each Korbyt tenant.  The basic use of the builder table element advanced settings on how-to videos is also recommended.

After reading this article the user will be able to filter incoming data from a data subscription within the Korbyt Builder.

To access the builder first:

  1. Create or edit a layout.
  2. In the Layout Builder, Basic tab click on the Configure button.
  3. Click on the filter icon on the bottom right of the subscriptions area
  4. To create a filter rule – click on Add Filter button
  5. Select a field
  6. Select Operator
  7. Select the Criteria – after this point you can click on Save Filter as well when done.
  8. Then click Save filter to save the filter rule
  9. Once the rule is created you have the option to Edit or Delete
  10. Or you can continue to create new filter rules
  11. Any subsequent filter rule will prompt you to specify whether the rule is linked with OR or AND logic.
  12. You can also create a 2nd Rule
  13. Click OK to save the overall filter logic

With this article, we hope we made the data subscription filtering easier for the user to understand and use.

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