Is Proof-of-Play supported?

Yes, Korbyt provides admin users with proof of play reports for digital signage players and with message receipt reports for Korbyt Anywhere users.
Proof of Play is a subscription feature that would have to be active on your service for these instructions to work

  • Proof of Play can be added to any Layout or Message by accessing the Metadata for that Layout or message and then checking the “Proof of Play” Checkbox.

  • Layouts without a timeout will not produce Proof of Play data in the report as POP data is collected when a content item completes playback.
  • Layouts scheduled inside of a carousel element will not produce Proof of Play data as Carousels are a list of URI’s, none of the metadata needed for Proof of Play is available as content plays from the carousel.
  • Best Practice is to use Boards instead of Carousels when wanting proof of play data but to still retain functionality similar to a carousel.

You can find Proof of Play under Reports then Proof of Play. There are several filters to find the exact proof of play item you want.

  • Click the Mega Menu, under the Analytics heading then click Reports