How can I see the provisioning screen data after provisioning?

There are three ways to view the provisioning code for a player after it has been provisioned

  • At the device locally
    • Connect a USB keyboard to a USB port on the device
    • Press ctrl + alt + p – it’s an overlay on the screen with all of the player identity details.
  • In the CMS
    • Log into your Korbyt Tenant
    • Open the Mega Menu in the upper left corner
    • In the Device Management column, click Players
    • You can see Korbyt Agent version by clicking on the pencil for a specific player to open it
    • Scroll down and you will find the provisioning code in the details section to the left
  • Through the Device Management Page (if supported by the device)
    • Ensure your computer is on the same network as the player
    • Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the player
    • Enter the Username and Password to open the device configuration page
    • Click on the Server Tab and you will see the provisioning code