Using Non Data Triggers on a Playlist

Below are the steps on how to setup a playlist to use triggers and you have no data adapter subscription.  In this situation, to be able to use triggers two things need to be done.



Steps for adding the Fixed Adapter

(Note: only one Fixed Adapter is needed when using triggers on a playlist. The same adapter can be used as many times as needed.)

Login to the CMS and do the Following:

  1. Under Advanced –> Select  Data Integration
  2. Click on the Create Adapter button
  3. There are three steps to adding the Fixed Adapter. (1) Adapter Details.  (2) Adapter Configuration and (3) User Permissions
  4. Step (1) Adapter Details , Enter the Name for the Adapter,
  5. Select the Option “Fixed”
  6. Click NEXT
  7. Step (2) Adapter Configuration
  8. On the window that appears next Click on Define DB Table (DB Table must be defined before creating the Adapter)
  9. A table has to be created – Enter a Table Name.
  10. Add an Item and give it a name
  11. Select the Primary Key
  12. Click Save
  13. Click on SAVE & CREATE
  14. Saving Adapter window will appear.  At this point the Adapter has been created.
  15. Step (3) User Permission can be added but that is Optional
  16. Once the fixed data adapter is added you can look for it on the list of the available adapters is should be listed there
  17. Now you are ready for the next step on section below.  How to add triggers to a Playlist





Steps for adding Triggers to a New / Existing Playlist

  1. Under Signage–> Select  Playlist (either edit an existing one or create a new one)
  2. Select A playlist and click Edit
  3. Click on the Manage Triggers button
  4. PLAYLIST TRIGGERS window will appear, click on the Manage Subscription button
  5. The ADD SUBSCRIPTION window will appear
  6. Type the name for this subscription
  7. Select the Table (This table was created in the Fixed adapter)
  8. Select the Key Field (This field was created in the Fix Adapter)
  9. Click and check the option for Columns available
  10. Click on the Save button
  11. A message will appear showing that the subscription has been saved
  12. Click on the Add Playlist Trigger (light bulb Button)
  13. The EDIT TRIGGER window will appear
  14. Enter the selections like COL: ROW Count,
  15. If you click on the Plus sign you have the option to Add or Remove
  16. Next step is to click on Manage Script button to be able to see the available triggers that have been created and to select one. Below is a blank one,triger has not been created yet
  17. Below is the window that shows the list of triggers available.  One has been created
  18. Save the Playlist






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