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Tags can be use when scheduling Static, Dynamic Content or Clever Playlists.  Tags can be added when a Layout, Playlist, Board, Board Template and Player Group  is created.  Using tags is an easy way to schedule content so it can be displayed on a player.




Tag Manager

The Tag Manager allows the user to find out onto what content tags are in the system. Tag Manger allows the user to edit existing tags,  make additional changes or replace them.  Listed below are some of the features of the Tag Manager. Tag manager will allow the user to view all content that do not have tags assigned.


Search option
View any content type per tag(s)
Add, Replace or Clear any tags in bulk
Select specific items to be tag with CTRL + Click



Under Media select Tag Manger.  The first option is the Search Tag(s). Enter the name of the tag being searched.  It will returned all the items that contain that tag,. Those will display under Related Tag Section.

In this instance below a search for a different tag was done. The Related tag section will show how many items for the tag were found.

Also selecting any items listed under the tag, allows the user to open that content separately.

  1. Select the desired content under the tag
  2. An edit box opens
  3. Click on the name of that content, listed on top of the edit box
  4. The content will open







View Content Type per Tags

There are several options listed Layout, Video, Image, Player, and others on the Tag Manager

By clicking on each of these options or on multiple options, the Related tags for those options will be listed.

In the Example below, under Results section by selecting the Layout options, notice how the Related Tags section lists the tags that were created or use in a layout.  If the desired tag is know it can also be just searched for in the Search Tag(s) section.


On this example below by selecting Image under the Results section, it shows a different list of Related Tags




Add, Replace or Clear Tags

In the Tag Manager at the bottom of the Korbyt screen there are three options: Add, Clear and Replace.

  1. Once a Tag (s) is added to the desired content, it can be edited via the Tag manager.  The user needs to select the desired content and make the appropriate changes.
  2. The user will be able To Add, Remove or Modify existing tag, by clicking on the corresponding button.  Please note these options appear at the bottom of the screen.  If they are not showing, scrolling down might be necessary.
  3.  One example is to search for the tag. The search will return how many items that have  tag.  Select the desired content and then click on the desired button (Add, Remove pr clear)
  4. 4.  Second example is to click on the available option like Layout or Videos etc.  The related Tags section will list all the available tags. Select the desired tag then make changes by clicking on the appropriate button.




Selecting multiple items by Using CTRL + Click to add tags to those items

When user needs to make a change to several items at the same time. Using the CTRL + Click allows for those changes to be done at once.

  1. For example If there is a large list by clicking on CTRL + Click on each item at the time it will display all the selected items.  User then can click on the Add, Clear or Remove button depending on the intended action to perform that change.  Notice in the picture below, several Items are selected and they show the orange highlight indicating they have been selected.
  2. If adding a tag to multiple items is needed, just Type the name of the “tag” then click on the Add button. This will cause the new tag to be added to the selected items.
  3. If replacing a tag to a multiple items is needed, just Type the name of the “tag” then click on the Replace button. This will cause the that tag to be replaced on the selected items.





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