KorbytGO – How to Add Apps

How to Add Apps

To add an App in KorbytGO, follow the steps below:

  1. From Dashboard –> KorbytGO –>Apps. Click on the “Add App” button.
  2. In the “Add New App” window, select the App Type, App Name and App Description. There is also an option to add Tags, App Color, Font Color and an App Icon from this window.
  3. Select the desired App Type from the “App Type” drop-down options.
  4. Click on the “Save” button once selections have been made to create the App.  The new App will show as inactive.
  5. Edit the App to make the following selections: Select Audience, Add content and Activate the App.
  6. First identify audiences for the App. Select from the list of existing audiences. See separate article to learn how to create an Audience.
  7. Then select and add content to the App.  There are three types of content that can be added: Messages, Surveys and Quizzes.
  8. See article for how to create Messages.
  9. See article for how to create Surveys.
  10. See article for how to create Quizzes.
  11. After selecting the audiences and content for the App, click the “Save” button to apply the new changes.  Click “Cancel” to exit the window without saving changes.
  12. Note: the App Status will change from Inactive to Active.  Once active, the App is available to use.

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