KorbytGO – How to Create Campaigns

How to Create a KorbytGO Campaign

To create a KorbytGO campaign follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Korbyt Dashboard–>KorbytGO–>Campaigns.  Then click on the “Add Campaign” button.
  2. Within the “Add Campaign” window, select and configure the Content, Audiences, Channels, Schedule fields.
  3. Click on “Content” in the top toolbar to add content.  In the example below we are selecting images as content.
  4. Select from several choices of content including Images, Videos, Audio, Messages, Surveys or Quizzes.  To add images, select the desired one(s) then click on the “Add” Button. The same steps can be repeated to select more content.
  5. Click on “Audiences” to designate the desired audience for the campaign.
  6. Select the desired audience from the list or search for the needed audience. If using the search function, click on the plus sign to add the audience once it displays on the list.
  7. Click on “Channels” to select the channels you want to distribute the campaign through.   Options include Email, SMS, Mobile, Desktop, Intranet, Twitter, Slack, and Signage.
  8. Drag the desired channel from the icon options and drop to the campaign field. In this example, three channels were selected: Digital Signage, Email and Desktop.  Note: Additional information may be required depending on the channel option selected.
  9. For the Digital Signage channel, the user will also need to designate the Player or Groups where the campaign should be displayed.
  10. For the Email channel, the user will also need to provide the Subject Line, Body text and Link Text to display in the email being sent.
  11. For the Desktop channel, no additional information is required.
  12. Click on “Schedule” as the last step to creating a KorbytGO campaign.
  13. Enter the Start and End date to schedule the campaign.
  14. Continue adding fields (optional) as described in picture below like: Description,  Tags as well as Thumbnails to easily identify the campaign.
  15. To add a thumbnail if desired, click on the pencil image to select an image from the available images in Media Library.
  16. The campaign can also be deactivated.
  17. If you click “deactivate”, the campaign will show as canceled and will not display.
  18. Click on the “Save” button to complete creating the KorbytGO campaign.
  19.  The scheduled campaign will then show as active. Below is an example of how campaigns will be listed depending on their status.  Status includes Completed, Canceled or Active campaigns.

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