How does the Grid Element in the Builder work?

What is the Grid Element used for?

The Grid element allows the user to display multiple elements within the grid.  All is needed is drag and drop the desired element within a cell in the Grid.

Steps below on how to Create/ Edit a Layout to add  a Grid Element:

  1. Create  a Layout.  To add a layout, from Layouts tab click on Add Layout button. Name the layout, select the Layout Type and Layout Options, then click  on the Create button. Builder will open.
  2. From the Layout tab select the Layout and click on the Edit button to edit the Layout. The builder will open
  3. Once the Builder opens, select the Grid Element and drag and drop it to the Layout. Notice how the Grid shows all the Grid cells that were added.
  4. The Grid Element can also be edited and different for grid options can bee added for example the number of rows and columns needed.

  5. Now that the Grid Element is created with the desired number of cells, select any  element from the builder, drag and drop that element inside one of the cells within the grid, for example we will use a Image, Clock and Video elements.  Under the Subscriptions section  if the data is selected (Data is only available is any Adapters are created within Korbyt) the subscription can also be added to the Grid element. As showing on G1. G3 displays the content when Video Element is selected. G5 shows the Image that was selected from the Image Element and G6 Displays the clock that was added using the Clock Element.
  6. Once all the cells are populated with content from the selected Elements, click on the Publish button within the builder to save the Layout with a Grid Element.

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