How do I configure my Google Chrome Management console for Korbyt player software installation?

Korbyt player software only works on Chromebox devices that are enrolled in a Google Chrome Enterprise account and placed in Kiosk mode.

For clients wishing to manage their own Chromebox devices, Google provides information about Chrome Enterprise management here:

RMG also provides Chrome Enterprise licenses for clients who purchase Chromeboxes from RMG. Please contact your RMG Client Relationship Manager for more details.

Once you are logged into your Google Chrome Enterprise Management Console, follow these instructions to configure your kiosk settings to allow for devices added to install the Korbyt player software:

  1. Navigate to Devices –> Device Settings
  2. Scroll down to Kiosk settings
  3. Select Manage Kiosk Apps
  4. Select Korbyt Player as the Auto-Launch Kiosk App
  5. In the lower right hand side of the screen there will be a yellow plus sign that allows you to add apps to the kiosk. select this option. (Demonstrated in image 1)
  6. Once this option is expanded you will be given the option to search for our app within the google store by our app ID: kacodfanpfkedlelnagnbgfbaabjfddn. This option looks like the google chrome symbol. (Demonstrated in image 1)
  7. Once you have searched you will see the Korbyt app, hit the + Select button to add the application. (Demonstrated in Image 2)
  8. Once the application has been added use the following app settings to complete your configuration. (Demonstrated in Image 3)


Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Note: If the locally added setting is made at the group level, then all devices enrolled into the group will download and install the Korbyt app automatically.

The following settings must also be configured in your Google Chrome Enterprise Management console.

Under Device Update Settings / Auto Update Settings

  • Set Allow Auto-updates
  • Restrict Google Chrome version to at most 75.*

If this is done at the group level, then all devices enrolled into this group will get these settings.