ELO Android Installation Guide

NOTE: Must have the approved ELO I Series Android .apk loaded on a USB drive.
NOTE: Do not use the NVIDIA Shield Android Install apk.


  1. Turn on device.
  2. Press home button, bottom right back side of device. (Password may be ‘1elo and sometimes need to press home and power at the same time).
  3. Open Apps.
  4. Open file explorer.
  5. Insert USB stick.
  6. Open USB drive (should be at the top middle of screen).
  7. Find APK file (android logo next to filename).
  8. Select File.
  9. Install x2.
  10. Some popups may ask to open a certain way – select Always.
  11. Select open.
  12. Reboot and verify player comes back with Korbyt provisioning screen.

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